GMOs – Suspected culprit in devastating ‘fiber disease’ –

Straight deficient in of a sci-fi horror pellicle, a mysterious disease that produces sores, rashes and ~-witted fibers beneath the skin may have ~ing linked with genetically modified organisms. Along by bug-like crawling sensations, Morgellons disorder causes other alarming symptoms: extreme deep-seated fatigue, fibromyalgia, short-term memory disadvantage and impaired thought processing; attention deficit, bipolar and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Severe low spirits and a propensity toward suicide are besides common.

One of the first documented cases of Morgellons in the U.S. concerned a three-year-good for nothing boy who had multicolored, plastic-like fibers emerging from ~y irritated patch around his mouth. Ms. Leitao, the boy’s chief and also a biologist, was both horrified and confused about the class. Numerous physicians supplied creams for scabies and eczema, but that nothing relieved her son of the remorseless itching and discomfort described in three-year-mean language as ‘bugs.’ Doctors were at a defeat, even recommending “Ms. Leitao would be useful to from psychiatric evaluation and support,” according to Dr. Heldrich in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette point, “Mom fights for answers forward what’s wrong with her son.” Dr. Wymore, ~y assistant professor of pharmacology and physiology at Oklahoma State University, contacted Leitao in one attempt to classify the disease. He found that “fibers from different lower classes looked remarkably similar to each other and even now seem to match no common environmental fibers.”

Morgellons is originally found in the United States — greatly California, Texas and Florida. All three states due happen to be the predominant U.S. growers of genetically modified Bt cotton-wool. Over 10,000 families who felt they had at smallest one family member with the sickness registered with the Morgellons Research Foundation. 24 percent of registered families were clustered in the San Francisco Bay circle.

Perplexing fiber disease – GMO driven?

Dr. Rima Laibow, sanatory director for the Natural Solutions Foundation, suspects Morgellons is caused through genetically modified organisms. After studying the pelt fibers, it was discovered that they include DNA of both fungus and bacterium used extensively in GMOs. The fibers consist of cellulose and cannot have existence made nor broken down by the human material part . According to Laibow, “…GM technology obviously has, like Professor Frankenstein found, a advance to animate the non-living. These fibers contortion and twine, grow and divide. In curt, living beneath the skin of the multitude, they form parasitic lesions out of the sort of should be non-living material yet which, through the horror of genetic alteration, has taken on the characteristics of a existing thing.”

A letter received ~ the agency of Laibow documented how GM ‘bio-in force textiles’ may actually be the suit of Morgellons. A handful of university labs have created textiles with genetically manipulated e-coli bacteria, chemicals, nematodes and proteins infused into their form. The technology was then sold to textorial manufacturers for broad scale applications. The fibers base in the fabric have striking similarities to the fibers ground in the skin of individuals pain from Morgellons. Both are composed of cellulose, be the subject of ‘helical coil type tendencies’ (a genetically manipulated line), autofluoresce (also seen in genetic manipulation) and comprise DNA of genetically modified bacteria.

Whether caused ~ the agency of unknown variables, GM food or clothing, Morgellons disease is a devastating fresh affliction. Considering the rise of the disorder parallels the introduction and infiltration of GMOs into the woven industry along with the food furnish, it is not worth the danger to consume or wear anything that is genetically modified.

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