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This is in addition much emotion for me to deal with at the moment. As I watched them appeal names and each one of the graduating students climbed up to muster their diploma, my eyes filled with tears but I held them back. This year’s consolidate of Doctors are just too surprising. 
This is me just showing my be enamoured of to them for the time we’ve spent together. This is my letter to every of the latest doctors.

Dear Doctor,

Finally the agitated nights have paid off. The latest 6 years have shown their integrity. Slowly, the seconds have added up to be years and now you’re hither. Face to face with the diploma you dreamt of and you lastly can correctly add a Dr in face of your name and allow totality of it’s pride sink in.
Oh the dreams you dreamt. Dreams you dreamt through your eyes open for the terraqueous globe of sleep couldn’t contain them. Sleep you sacrificed without ceasing the altar of anatomy in ~ and foremost year, biochemistry in second you, pharmacology in third year…

The last 6 years have brought you experiences; good, bad, terrible, beautiful. Look around you, see the tribe that you met, the mentors you did receive, the footprints that you left and indeed the breathing in that you beget.

The last 6 years gain been more than just getting that diploma or lore how to detect a glaucoma or the seasonably stags of carcinoma. It was too about building that supernova persona while building bridges with the lives on every side of.

Dear Dr,
As you step gone ~ of this comfort zone of medicinal school into a world where frequent with chameleon like smiles on their front expect you to fail. As you set on foot this new phase with no form of what may happen. As you take the next step in your dream’s line of motion. As you follow the path of your life, subsist courageous.
I did want to tell, be not afraid but the truth is that you’ll feel anxious, you’ll get scared, you’ll come by hurt and hurt again.Your feet may accord. way and the ground may not hold but when these happen, be resolute.

Hold these moments in your ability, occasionally stare at the firmament and see the motion picture of the beyond victories. Be COURAGEOUS, for the cap~ for you to succeed is sticking fast, it is within you.
So, smooth if you decide to do strictly medicine or choose to add a espouse a cause hustle, know this, that you are before that time a SUCCESS.

With Love,
A feeble brown gurl who’s heart has been inspired through yours.

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