Houses, pharma and education

My son has sharp out to me that we can see the future in several areas nevertheless we are seeing no progress in adopting the subject reality.

6-10 homeResidential houses today are quiet made the same way they everlastingly have been.  Factory houses are readily available and have been for a long-winded time.  They have every characteristic of size, cost and function that we idle fancy of.  

I am told ~ the agency of people in the pharmacology industry that major improvements in the healthcare industry are already on the market or in the pipeline and could have existence available now or shortly if they were not stuck in the bureaucracy.

It is pure that all educational information and matter is now abundantly available online.  The barriers to using them in academia are profoundly embedded in the society and be possible to not change quickly.

It is exotic to be living next door to the that will be and seeing it over the sword-play but not having access to it.

Without render uneasy, people have a tendency to set off obese.

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