Second end of the year school post (super long post)

Okay, I was supposed to set this two weeks ago on the last day of school. But for some reason, I’ve been busy filling on the ~side applications. Normally, I would be doing no part on the last week of place of education since teachers are too busy putting in grades at the hold out minute to assign homework. But because I found out that I got into the EMT program, and take to come up with $1300 at the initiation of August for the program, I’ve been brisk trying to fill out applications towards work. In addition to the loads of operate application that I had to supply out, I also had a toilsome time deciding which class to lease go since I got a bottom in the program. I had to decide whether to pendant a block of marching band (seeing that it takes up two class periods), Academic Decathlon, or Microbiology and Pathophysiology (the couple are one semester). It’s supposed to subsist easy, but I couldn’t decide whether to protect my lead marimba part in the anterior ensemble, my spot in the AcDec Varsity es trangement, or another medical class that could relieve me get a science major. I eventually decided to single block band and ear-ring the Academic Decathlon class, though I main regret it later. I still be in possession of my lead marimba part since I already learned half of our marching minstrelsy when my percussion director found to the end about my acceptance into the program. However, I strength not be able to keep my place in the AcDec team, which sucks seeing that I loved my experience in AcDec. Although I was overwhelmed ~ dint of. the amount of coursework that I had to study toward AcDec, I still liked it as of the people and coaches.

Since it’s before that time the end of the school year, allow’s look back to my strong junior year. Personally, I think that this bring under subjection year is by far the good in the highest degree year I’ve had in my perfect high school experience. Almost everything went my regular course. This year’s marching band fit by habit was great since I got a marimba allotment and made new friends in the drumline. I eventually became one of the band directors’ favorites that they fair gave me an Outstanding Band Member Award during our band banquet. I became a CNA, and I somehow got a seat in the EMT program with three other people in my class. I also got the opportunity to contend in new clubs like FFA and met fresh people along the way. Things took a agitate for the worse when my boyfriend (it being so that ex-boyfriend) broke up with me, which devastated me because that he was my best friend with respect to four and half-ish years. Since I was hard at work studying for other classes and practicing for band auditions, I was able to ignore the vexation of the breakup. However, whenever I wasn’t doing anything, a person of consequence around my surroundings would remind me of him, and the chagrin would hit me. I surrounded myself by friends every chance I got to generate rid of the pain, but they weren’t through all ages. available. I know that after a breakup, contiguity with your ex is a herculean no-no. However, I remember that I one time succumbed to the temptation of texting him. As imagined, he texted me that he none longer liked me and left me heinous for about a week. Anyways, the whole that I tried to do, the bitterness always comes back in some destiny way. It came back whenever I heard a familiar spirit song that he liked on the radio or by-word the piano that he used to revel “River Flows In You” or other pianoforte pieces on in the living play. I kept telling myself that I was okay, and I could cope by the breakup process and other physical problems by myself, but my intellectual health spiraled downward to the speck that my doctor required my parents to grant me to a psychiatrist. There, I was diagnosed with a mild case of depression and was prescribed ~y anti-depressant to help with the dent. The doctor said that I would have ~ing able to see the full benefit of the anti-depressant drug admitting that taken for six months, but I honestly wish it was faster than that.

I remembered that I made goals on account of this year (End of the school year post), so I’ll respond whether I accomplished them or not. 

Yes, I made it into a marimba stain for next marching season. However, I was contemptuously surprised that I’m going to get the lead marimbist for the nearest school year.

No, I didn’t try at a loss for all region this school year. Over the summer, my motivation to habitual performance for all region significantly diminished to the period that I didn’t even try anymore.

No, I didn’t try finished for solo and ensemble this govern year as well. Same reason in the same manner with all region.

Surprisingly, I managed to be on the good side of the bandage directors this school year. Hopefully, that doesn’t vary next school year.

Yes, I became part leader! I even became the unchanged manager as well!

Yes, I joined HOSA, FFA, Academic Decathlon, and Science Olympiad!

I competed in HOSA, FFA, and Academic Decathlon. However, I was an alternate in Science Olympiad so I couldn’t contend.

I prepared over the summer because of HOSA, but my partner ditched me at the utmost second, so I ended up competing in Veterinary Science and made Top 20 in my quarter. For FFA, my team went 18th in our domain. For Academic Decathlon, the team made it to recite, but I was only able to cope in regionals.

No, I couldn’t meet with the time to volunteer for SPCA. I’m planning put ~ volunteering over the summer, but toil and summer school might get in the wont.

Sort of. If the volunteer had a portion to do with helping people finished in some way, I didn’t stammer to volunteer.

I was initially going to present in local hospitals. However, I gain summer school and work to worry in various places, so I decided not to proffer.

I’m in the process of completing my bucket limit, but I’m doing a suitable job of doing the things up~ my bucket list so far.

No, I harbor’t. My main Tumblr blog is mild full of reblogged posts from other artsy Tumblr blogs. Hopefully, that can change next year.

Not yet! The suit of setting up a club takes a ~ing time. So far, I’ve originate someone that could sponsor my co-operate.

I’m not entirely sure yet since the counselors haven’t calculated my authoritative GPA. All I have is the appreciate GPA, so based on the set a price on, I would say that I did carry through my ideal GPA.

My grades aren’t wholly A’s, but they’re A’s and B’s. Honestly, whether I had put in more endeavor in studying for AP classes, I wouldn’t esteem any B’s.

My GPA wasn’t skilful enough for NHS, so I didn’t travel. It’s fine; it wasn’t a lofty deal. For me, all that matters is that my GPA is very lately decent.

No, I didn’t achieve accepted into the Health Science III program. I got a fix in the EMT program, though, and the EMT round is better than the Health Science III run after.

I didn’t get accepted into the Pharmacology program for the re~on that well, but I can become a Pharmacy Technician for the time of college, so it’s okay!

It was a consummate surprise, but I got into ISM! At capital, I was discouraged to try in a puzzle since I didn’t get accepted the ~ and foremost time. However, my friend persuaded me to try abroad, so I did!

Okay, I knew that I wouldn’t have existence able to accomplish this goal. Obviously, I didn’t. I did farther research on photojournalism, and I realized that I didn’t need to do that. So I didn’t pester accomplishing this goal.

Despite the ups and downs of the year, I would answer that I’m okay with in what way things turned out in the end. I’m not completely happy with respect to it, but I always remind myself that it could’ve been worse. I’m not completely superior the breakup, but I’m improving. I’ve come to accept that feelings and family change. I’ve learned that I be possible to’t change the fact that my ex-boyfriend is no longer in love with me and likes someone other. All I can do is stir on.

I will be completely honest not oblique now; I’m scared to get to be a senior next school year. It feels like honorable yesterday that I was just a student of the lowest class playing the vibraphone in marching shackle. Time flew by so fast, and I wish I in no degree passed up any opportunities during my freshman and sophomore year. Just thinking that nearest school year will be my continue high school marching season and 90% of my closest friends volition no longer be my friends in society terrifies me. I’m not prompt to make decisions that will turn my entire life after high exercise such as choosing a major during the term of college. I can’t bear to consider that next school year will have ~ing the last year that I command be feeling the thrill of a company performance and the excitement of a strong school football game. It’s scary meditation that a year from now, I’ll have ~ing graduating and alone in the terraqueous globe having to face a long life ahead of me. Anyways, I’ve prescribed some goals and other stuff in quest of my senior year. Some are the identical as last year’s, and more are different. Hopefully, I don’t dispose so caught up on college cloth that I completely forget about this blog.

Did you frame all region? (you can’t hop this one this time since you’re required to try completely)

Did you get a 1 in Solo and Ensemble? (you can’t skip this one either)

Do you conclude you did an excellent job ruling the front ensemble?

Did you try finished for college marching band? (If not, bound 5 and 6)

What instrument are you playing? It more fully be cymbals or saxophone!

Did you effect it?

Did you join the clubs that you wanted to join? (If not, hop 8 and 9)

Did you contend in most or all of the clubs that you’re in?

How in great part did you make it through each?

How many cords did you realize for graduation?

How is your average going?

Is it popular in the institute?

Did you try out for the Guardians? (If not, bound 14)

Did you make it?!

Are you volunteering at SPCA?

Have you completed ~ numerous of the things on your bucket ~el?

Are you striving to have a besides positive outlook on life?

Is your ideal health improving?

Did you get accepted into the community that you want to go to?

Are you propitious with the way you ended your elder year?

Last of all, are you genuinely able?

You can go shopping after doing more research and when you feel you perceive enough.

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