Solutions: Not a new Marketing Buzzword

I be in possession of encountered numerous streams of media difficult to impress upon the consumer, pursuit, and suppliers that they are “Solutions Providers”. 99% are not! A abundance portion of these so-called solutions providers are not at all but marketing hype; changing the vocable product to solution.

According to , the definition is:

1. the act of solving a problem, question, etc.:

The situation is approaching solution.

2. the state of essence solved:

a problem capable of dis~.

3. a particular instance or way of solving; an explanation or answer:

The re~ is as good as any other.

4. Mathematics.

the projection of determining the answer to a point to be solved.

the answer itself.

5. Chemistry.

the suit by which a gas, liquid, or substantial is dispersed homogeneously in a gas, liquid, or solid without chemical make different.

such a substance, as dissolved compliment or salt in solution.

a of uniform structure, molecular mixture of two or in greater numbers substances.

6. Pharmacology.. Also called liquid. a liquid, usually water, in which a medication is dissolved.

7. Medicine/Medical.

the issue of a disease.

a breach or tear asunder in anything, especially one in parts of the body normally continuous, as from fracture or laceration:

solution of unbroken extent.

A product does not solve a enigma by any stretch of the imaging power. The usage of a product or products incorporated through proper processes and application to the established point in dispute which results in a resolution or a extent of the problem.

Having had many discussions with various contemporaries, I be favored with come to the conclusion that people are in pry into of a silver bullet for the point to be solved at hand: diet, business agility, curative affliction, business efficiency, etc. Unfortunately, products ~ dint of. themselves do not supply the inflexibility without proper application, processes, and cleverness.

Vapors, smoke light up, and ~ed fumes must be avoided.

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