studyblr introduction.

studyblr introductory treatise.

I’ve had this blog in quest of 6 or 7 years, but towards the last 8 months or to such a degree I’ve been quietly lurking the studyblr add to, and have since decided I wanted to effect the 100 days of productivity tack, and be a bit more effectual, so I figured the best room to start would be to cook one of these intro things~

I’m Lana and I’m 20 years decayed and living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a maintainer year undergrad student, and doing my Bachelor of Emergency Health/Paramedicine at Monash University. My line of progress is a combination between theory and practical, and we get lots of hospital and ambulance placements (and we verily get to use clinical skills on real patients as student paramedics!).

I’m hoping to get a fully qualified paramedic, and afterwards do my Masters and after a hardly any years of experience, work in intensifying care and hopefully someday become one air ambulance paramedic.

Currently I’m finishing over exams for Pharmacology, Cardiology and Mental Health, and that time next semester’s classes include Trauma and Respiratory provisions.

In my spare time I present with an ambulance service and in the paediatric wards of a major hospital in Melbourne with my boyfriend Matthew (who is an absolute angel that I met through Uni), and work as a bartender/waitress and try to equipoise kickboxing and music lessons and Netflix ahhhh.

Some of the studyblrs I front to for motivation are @tbhstudying,
@academla, @elkstudies, @studydiaryofamedstudent, @studyign, @studyspoinspo, @studeying and @briellestudies.

I would like to follow more of you lovely people, so if you leave a note up~ this post or message me I’ll delightfully follow you back n__n

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