Did I make the wrong choice?

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A not many years ago I left my Pharmacy run for Nursing and recently I’ve felt like I be seized of been regretting this decision. I took this judgment as at the time I wanted to have existence more clinical and look at the of medicine side of things, possibly leading to a feed practitioner (and prescribing). My main participation lies within anatomy and physiology as well as looking at drugs, I am in the same manner interested in medicines and the pharmacology linked to them, I take pleasure learning about pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It’s secure place to say since starting nursing I gain done none of that and I am majorly unlucky with the lack of academic drudge, (although I would like to achieve a MSc in something more clinical or even attempt to transfer to medicine) in such a manner I have been thinking have I made a self-conceited mistake? however I’ve heard a portion of pharmacists say “it’s not the sort of it used to be”, however I am unsure whether to try and rollicking time back to pharmacy, any advice?
(I furthermore feel like the pharmacy pay is likewise much better, but I am persuaded that isn’t the reason you should take a fully convinced career path) I have heard tribe mention the money lies in the community but if you work in common you will be stressed out ~ means of the business side of things. I am very indecisive HELPPPP


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Updated: July 23, 2016

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