Differences between PMHNP and PNP: not rookie question

0 I acquire worked in both psych and peds. I be delighted with them both to be completely honest in self-same different ways. Psych interests me greater quantity because I love pharmacology and I good-will neuro anatomy and physiology in provisions of neurotransmitters and the like.

There is so much interesting research in psych with alternative therapies and non-tradition pharmacological approaches to a multifariousness of conditions that makes it exceedingly unique and challenging. I’ve seen the same terms treated so many different ways. For prompting, Tourette’s with haldol, tenex, topamax, nicotine, keppra, risperidone, etc. with equal rea~n many different options with completely different mechanisms from crushing dopamine with haldol to boosting gaba through topamax, he’ll even going in the facing direction with a dopamine agonist like pramipexole. Pairing a 7mg nicotine tract with 0.5-1mg haldol to rise haldols MOA more efficient. Just ~y example. Cyproheptadine to reverse ssri sexual sides, inositol to flow serotonin more effect, clonidine vs stimulants during the term of adhd. Treatment resistant OCD to one SSRI augmented with anafranil and pushing doses of lets recite Zoloft beyond the reccommended dosage of 200mg, increasing up to 300mg based forward new research for OCD. Utilizing pramipexole to curtail prolactin which may be raised by an ssri to boost dopamine that will increase libido and counteract the the sexual edge effects or augmenting with Wellbutrin notwithstanding this issue. Benzos vs trazadone vs clonidine instead of insomnia. Etc, I am very prejudiced in all of this and require to constantly learn it.

Pediatrics I like for the cause that I love kids but it is besides cut and dry. Very little judge at random work, no room to be foreign and go outside the box a great quantity from what I see.

As one RN, I prefer peds, but because an NP, I feel Psych is a in a superior manner fit for me. Does that constitute sense? Based on seeing them operate from my 2 jobs, the psych np role def seems alienated more interesting to me.

The single in kind thing I don’t no, aft the scenes, what is the ay difference between the two? Not calm care, disorders, etc. but rather the life abaft the scenes. When you are not with the patients. The lifestyle and the role up~ the care team? Peds np assume far far far more busy, running right and left than the psych nps I’ve seen. I typically accompany the psych nps spend far other time with there patients but maybe I am missing things.

Thanks against for any help!!

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