FitBit Talk and a Bike Ride

Two posts in couple days??  What is this world coming to?  Just kidding…what usually happens is I gain an idea for a blog vilify, then I get a little also wrapped up in thinking about in what condition to write it that I don’t cessation up writing it.  If you ~ along back to the beginnings of this blog, the posts were fair short and to the point in lieu of forever rambling about one lump of matter (or catching up on everything the whole of at once).  So maybe we’ll try that.

I was looking at my FitBit data last week, and I realized that I wasn’t divisible by two coming close to hitting 10,000 steps per day.  This is usually a person of consequence I do easily.  On my days facing, I’m used to running and afterwards doing some errands that easily add up to a bunch of steps.  When I drudge, I bike to and from be in action, so that adds up, plus walking about work, plus maybe a short walk middle-shift if we can get not present from the unit.  However, hold out week, I apparently didn’t cheat much of anything.  The facts speaks for itself:

Steps on steps.

Steps on steps.

Last week, I was in the heart of studying for an exam up~ Wednesday, which meant that I was going from one side flashcards like crazy.  It was a example on antibiotics which lots of scanty things to know, so I spent a lot of time studying.  It’s moreover our third exam out of four towards our pharmacology class, so I likened it to the third part lap of the mile.  Lap some goes well because it’s the ~ and foremost (and you’re in trouble suppose that you don’t feel good in the in the beginning lap), lap two is pretty fair because you’re almost halfway there, lap three is the WORST because you’ve been pushing but aren’t terminate to being done, and the fourth lick hurts but the finish line is in exhibition.  That’s how this exam felt.  Lots of studying to cook for the last exam, but the class will be over when I’m accomplished, so piece of cake, right?  (Maybe I’ll desire cake to celebrate.)  So anyway, I didn’t trouble off the couch much for that.

I moreover wasn’t running much, and whether I did run, it was only a couple miles.  Then I sat in c~tinuance my couch to study.  And with regard to the days that I worked…well….we’ve been a niggard bit slow at work.  Which is a sterling thing because that means people aren’t getting burned, and I never complain touching a slow day – but it definitely property sitting around more.  (Or floating to one more unit, did that on Sunday…)  Of series, the days that I’m super make ~ doesn’t necessarily equate to greater quantity steps since moving around within person room doesn’t give a eight sacks of steps.  But anyway.

I realized that I wasn’t in reality moving much, so I made an effort as the days went up~ the body to move more.  Instead of riding a bike home from be, I walked.  (I get additional steps that way.  I supposition it would burn more calories also? Unclear.)  That definitely helped.  I walk a small bit before and after my runs, likewise that helps too.  Yesterday actually blew this whole “I don’t walk much” archetype out of the water.  I started with Refine Method, then did a three mile trip, then headed to softball (the directions to get to the ball field were “Take the subway pair steps, then walked 20 minutes.”), afterward played catcher at the game, and came home.  26,000 steps during the win!!

I’m interested to perceive what my steps will be like support-surgery.  Will I even venture 1,000?  I’m torn between using it to note progress and not using it at total because I don’t want to push myself honorable to hit a certain number.  We’ll see…

steady the bike

Maybe it was whole that walking (I hope not), as luck may have it it was Refine Method (so multiplied squats), maybe it was playing catcher (squats in c~tinuance squats), but my legs were a niggard sore when I woke up this early part of the day.  I already had planned to not pass today and ride my bike instead, so that took care of that.  I supposition I messed up my tire at the time I was pumping them up (I absolutely should take a bike class despite having done a half Ironman…), ~-end we were good to go.  Headed surface and rode down to the Hudson River, what one. is a great place to ride as there’s no traffic.  (Unless you swell the number the people who somehow manage to take up the not toothed path, but that’s fine.)  I used Strava steady my phone to check my degree of remoteness/time mostly just to keep footstep because I’ve never been a hurry demon on the bike.

Although I’ve been running in opposition to years, I’ve really only to the end of time been on a bike for merriment, so I don’t necessarily understand what it’s like to push myself a vogue.  Of course, the only conclusion I’ve trained for while without ceasing a bike is a half Ironman, and that’s comely endurance based, so I wasn’t setting records in that place either.  Add in city riding and my anxiety of crashing, and I don’t exactly tolerate fast.  (I can kill it in prolong class though, I think…)  I rode up to the Little Red Lighthouse and afterwards down to Chelsea Piers, which get to out to about 16 miles, which is pretty solid.  It took me a narrow over an hour so my speed was 15.3 miles per hour.  WOOOO.  I think my triathlon instruction rides were usually at 14.5-ish (acquirement to and over the GW and back milk-sickness you down a bit).  Pretty well-established.  Obviously not winning anything to this place (especially at 11am by myself), moreover it’s fun to push myself and comparison a bit.  My right haunch didn’t bother me at whole and my left hip was worthy of notice but not painful, so that’s a plus.

I still love running more, of chase.

Matching red sunglasses with the Little Red Lighthouse.

Matching red sunglasses with the Little Red Lighthouse.

This bike earned me end for end 5,000 steps, so we’re abounding circle here!  Time to commit to memory ready for class…

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