Galen Quarter 3u

0 This deal out has been busy! Clinicals Monday, Lab Wednesday & Friday, Pharmacology and Nursing Fundamentals Tuesday & Thursday! Pharmacology is challenging if it were not that by far my favorite class; remarkably exciting (to me) finally learning aggregate the meds! Clinicals are at a nursing home (not my cupping-glass of tea) so those days are soOOO sloooow from 6:45am to 4:45pm; profit thing it’s just once a week. And Fundamentals is merited Fundamentals; NCLEX style questions; LEARN THEM OR HOW TO DECIPHER THEM.

Anyways having reprove 5 days a week I don’t know how the students with children and jobs do it! Good part Quarter 4 is less days. Finish your prerequisites in the van of going to Galen because if you didn’t you’ll be like the students that are going to take Med Surg onward with Microbiology next quarter smh!

Alimentos ricos en lipoproteínas de alta densidad (HDL).

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