Indecisive healthcare student

I in reality need any advice, I am stresssssinggg.

A few years ago I left my Pharmacy deportment for Nursing and recently I’ve felt like I be under the necessity been regretting this decision. I took this decision as at the time I wanted to have ~ing more clinical, to be more involved with patient care, have more patient interaction and expect at the medical side of things, with the possibility of it leading to a rear practitioner (and prescribing).My main benefit lies within anatomy and physiology to the degree that well as looking at drugs, I am so interested in medicines and the pharmacology linked to them, I regard with affection learning about pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It’s secure to say since starting nursing I wish done none of that and I am majorly sinister with the lack of academic moil, (although I would like to conclude a MSc in something more clinical or smooth attempt to transfer to medicine) in such a manner I have been thinking have I made a distended mistake? I am very indecisive HELPPPP (the whole of advice appreciated)I have often contemplation maybe swapping courses to Paramedic during the time that I enjoy emergency care, but I am in backer year of nursing. I think that a intuitional faculty I have been more confused late is because I didn’t take delight in my main placement. I think nursing has a destiny of great options and a varieties of specialities, still, I HATED working on the wards, other places I’ve been have the appearance to interest me, district nursing, A&E, doctors surgeries, walk in centres and other cogent care departments. I have even been gone ~ with paramedics and loved it, honest the thought of having to operate on a ward makes me distress to quit and leave and at no time look back. I also hear lots of other student nurses saying how much they kindness it but I just don’t experience this way, not when I’m doing quarter work anyway.

SORRY FOR THIS ESSAY i honest require a lot of advice taken in the character of my brain is scrambled please repress. THANK YOU!!:o:

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