When you purpose you know it all – keep in intent that you barely scratched the external part.

Working with animals and understanding the procedures, pharmacology, breeds, treatments, etc my common-sense feels a bit overwhelmed (not gonna lie) but I enjoy every second of it.  I effect a notepad with me at moil so I can write down everything, I necessity to learn more so I can contribute to the healing process.  I have the consciousness of being like once I start school I bequeath have a background of a few medical procedures and the things I learn from discipline I can apply to work.

I feel like God is watching over my life’s decisions.  He knows.


Quite frankly I harbor’t gone to the gym considering I started work.  At my surprise I stagnant have my 2 pack.  I wonder how my body can maintain it inasmuch as all I do is sleep and ingest.

I’m slowly taking baby step into the veterinary medicinal side and my heart needs time to trim.  There are things that I direction get exposed to and it at no time gets easy.  Will and I are going to the gym tonight for I just need to let completely some energy so I can quick fall asleep tonight.  I dress in’t have the energy left to overthink.

With Love,

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