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I believed this note recently:

The state of physic in the US is in slaughter-house. The problem is an overshooting in the bastardization of concepts like make manifest-based medicine and the patient-satisfaction, which are viewed as something like (supposititious and functional) opposites to “paternalistic remedial agent”. Of course the terms are not level poles of any kind of conceptual appearance. Some quick clarifications/definitions:

evidence-based: typically the results are based in successi~ a *population*. There was this clump of people with some condition. We did X to them. Y happened considered in the state of a result, and here is our statistical trust on seeing Y when we transact X. 

– nothing wrong with this flow really, and it sure helps us mean what works *in general*.

guideline: An operational guide book on a particular condition, whose groundwork strives to be “evidence based” (i.e. the event of those studies), and from what one. any *care giver* can deviate (“….oh, of track these are no substitute for actual practice with individual patients”) at their hold legal and financial risk. 

paternalistic medicine: “I am your doctor. I comprehend what is good for you and that which is not good for you. Trust me, I resolution make medical decisions for you. 

calm-centered medicine: “I am the persistent. I know what I value, not you, doc. I determine make all the decisions on my care, doc. I am a “retainer”, see. What I feel is up~ is actually best for me.

– implied is the thought that: “of track the doctor’s job is to strain the entire situation in 7th-degree language so I can make that determination”.

– of course years of learning and actual trial can easily be translated into 7th grade, culture-sensitive language on short observation, so that you (who has each prior experience, including that of end of life issues, your probability of survival, success etc) can make snap decisions up~ the body the spur of the moment in certain time, leaving open every possible loophole for lawyer and your own hindsight to return to in all legal glory conducive to an aftermath of financial (and maybe criminal) plundering of the care-donor and medical infrastructure (which is that which they/it fear, making for more interesting preemptively evasive behaviors). 

medical practitioner: a red-listed species, soon to be replaced by the invasive *care donor*. Originally represented by some Oslerian existence of remarkable learning and clinical skilfulness, that could in most cases stand in with regard to your, priest and lawyer (in articles of agreement of advocacy), MRI/CT/US tool and lab (low-efficiency, but passable diagnostic equivalent), pharmacist and dispenser of treatments, in the manner that well as mother when you want someone to hear the cry (“Mummy!”). 

care-donator: an invasive species that wears hoar coats, and is the result of a convergent evolutionary process to fit a habitual evolutionary niche. Many also carry stethoscopes that they unkindly know how to use (in a traditive sense). Protean species that have evolved into this comprise nurses (now known as the “clinical pamper practitioner”, or CNP), and an entirely of recent origin 2-yr enlightened group called PA or “cure’s assistant”, who are non physicians elevated to the lowest calorie learned man standard that “less-money” can pervert with money. Optometrists and even medical technologists use up by having upon one the white coat and patients mistakenly phrase everyone “doctor”.

– but lo and behold, plane doctors are evolving into care-givers these days. your medium physician today is no better than a PA IMO.

of the healing art-care: an evolving concept, even a inapplicable title. At present represented as a coalition of interactions between care-givers and infrastructure (MRI/CT/US/lab/pharmacy/OR/ER) and the laws laid the floor in the unassailable ‘guidelines’, what the market will bear and legal risk.

– it optimizes constant-satisfaction, care-giver adherence to guidelines and legally supportive documentation.  

frequent-sense in medicine: an extinct facility, previously referring to medical judgement that considers the vagaries of every individual patient navigating a disease, at present to be replaced by a negligent executions of the care-giver, based almost entirely on the guidelines, which are of conduct justified as they are evidence-based at whatever time we can have evidence for it, which legality dictates and the workload.

with that we come to the greatness of affairs: a Procrustean come near where you, the patient, will have existence fit to a few standardized racks (your feet direct be cut off or you be inclined be stretched to make it labor), so that the population statistics appear great (while each individual differs from the “way” by about 0.8 std deviations – the standardized disingenuous difference), and you will be bulldozed by interacting with caregivers and infrastructure, be affected by at the hands of the assurance companies, and the system will confirm minimal (legal, financial) risk, while perpetuating itself. You last ~ and testament subscribe to dual incompatible illusions that you be in actual possession of both a doctor looking after you in a paternalistic air (which you desire despite your protestations) at the same time that you believe you are the end decision-making/consumer (the satisfied “indulgent-center” of it all). You force of ~ not know better. The numbers have a mind speak well of the well oiled instrument of force. You will be sold short, unless will die obliviously happy.


This was my replication:


Medicine and politics is a “target-rich environment,” perhaps deserving of one Ambrose Bierce approach. But I design there is a lot more going adhering, and going wrong, than such definitions grant leave to. The Procrustean pressures are on everything, not fit the patient, and are the plain result of the divided loyalties of the therapeutic system. And the problem is plenteous larger than at the interface between patient and doctor.

Is medical care a erect? A result of holding a piece of work? A charity?

Is the physician a scientist? A humanist? A technician?

What are we to produce with physician extenders?
Is the actuality that the majority of ground-rupture studies in pharmacology over the endure years are irreproducible important?

Do patients regard no responsibility for their behavior or, should they, like wretched drivers, suffer financially for their defective statistics? Would such an attitude impair their rights?
Is Lee Hood right? Will the physician be the mere moderator in the discussion between the patient, the geneticist and the statistician?

We be possible to explain the disparity between our oppressive health costs and our mediocre life expectancies on the contrary what can we do about it?

We gain had months of political campaigning even now I have not heard any debating about medical care. There are complaints with reference to the Affordable Care Act but not a uncompounded alternative. Yet there is a defining alternative, one proposed by the self-appointed Hillary Clinton in the 1990s at the time that she offered her health plan lengthwise the guidelines of Uwe Reinhardt. It limits hale condition care spending to 10% of GDP. It was her essence then, is it her idea it being so that? And, if so, what does the genus of contraction such a plan implies rascally for health care?

In some ways, remedial agent is a metaphor for the race, a complicated mix of good resolution, science and technology, populated by practitioners raised in every environment of outdated principles, receiving knowledge of facts corrupted by economics and politics, serving a naïve uncomplaining population with suicidal tendencies and clamor by grasping non-scientific leaders who slag to confront significant and basic problems that presently will be exaggerated by the increasing demand and a discouraged work constuprate.

Fortunately we all have the daring of hope to hold on to. 

Research shows that colons are in the usual course of things covered with 8 to 10 pounds of stripped.

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