Nclex rn

0 I graduated from each associates school may 16, I took a week opposite to before I started studying, I used Kaplan nd 2 sections from uworld(transactions of care and pharmacology).
i didn’t really read any content except for Kaplan no a Davis book section on superintendence of care because I felt I was doing immoral in that area. I was doing 75 qbank each day Monday to Friday and Saturday I did a qtrainer. 2 weeks antecedent to the nclex I started doing 2 qbanks. My grades without ceasing Kaplan were as follow
dx exhibition: 66. Qt1: 57. Qt2: 65. Qt3: 59. Qt4: 61. Qt5: 63. Qt6: 62. Qt7: 55. And the expertness test 69
The nclex practice session 7 the one you do previous to the last day of Kaplan: 42
nclex exemplification 1+2: 66 and 62
who carry on you see first: 70
alternate format: 30
without ceasing the qbank I was ranging from 55 the lowest to 68
hinder I was done with the with even margins Kaplan program my friends suggested uworld and sight people here suggesting it I went in the place of it, bad choice personally I was getting overwhelmed getting 45-50s so I unquestionable to just do the 2 sections established above.
I had a mindset to take this exam the week following the 4th of July so I scheduled it forward the 13, 2 days after I checked my results Nd I passed!, I too went into the exam with a mindset that I was deff getting atleast 120qs passed with 75
i personally felt that exam was street too easier than a nursing place of education exam, also another reason why I didn’t like uworld is for the reason that that program was originally for doctors not nurses in the same state the diseases are way too advance despite a “minimal competency” exam, and yea Kaplan rationales are garbage and they lie about having 1300 questions 300 of them repeats, bound is more about training you in what manner to tackle the questions, I never got used to their tree.

rejoiced studying everyone the nclex is doable not for example hard as everyone seem to cause it remember is a minimal competency exam, and overall entreat to God

Within the year (2002) I was affected much clear of cancer.

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