PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support

The AHA (American Heart Association) PALS  (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) written evidence is designed for the professional healthcare provider to reply to pediatric emergencies.  The PALS certification bequeath enhance your skills in the management of cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary emergencies in infants and children. The PALS round utilizes simulated situations/events to prepare active, hands-on learning through individual and team-based attainments stations.

If you operate a hospital, clinical actual performance, or other group employee setting and would like to trail a group of your staff, we have power to come to you.  Please contiguity us for a bid:  707-759-5968.


1) Pre-regularity Self-Assessment on the Student Website: accompany the printout of your score by you to the PALS Course. (NOTE:  You give by ~ need to purchase your PALS Textbook in arrange to take this test – you extremity the Pre-Test number that comes through the textbook.)  This test consists of 3 sections: ECG periodical emphasis identification, pharmacology, and practical application. Use this valuation to identify areas where you distress to increase your knowledge.

2) You fustiness have your BLS Certification (Please attend your BLS Provider card to class)

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