The Best Is Yet To Come (A perspective from a future want to-be RN)

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a in which case now, because I wanted to discover people all that God has granted in my life in the gone couple of months. This past year has been person of the most difficult/challenging spells in my life, and I conceive that for me, that’s while I see God the most (through my trials). I’m writing this place for any nursing student who feels like they’re not pungent enough/good enough. I’m hand this for anybody who is in successi~ the verge of giving up. I’m inscription this post because I have a God that be able to move mountains. I’m writing this messenger because I believe in all that HE is, and I make no doubt of in his plan for my life. I’m chirography this because I believe that the good in the highest degree is still yet to come.

1.) The Best Is Yet To Come – I be excited like I can’t write this placard without at least explaining the appellation, right? A couple of years ago, I attended a church camp, whither the pastor (Pastor Ruhl) )preached a intimation that changed my life forever entitled, “ The Best Is Yet To Come”. In the intimation he talked about the meal his wife cooked with regard to him, and how she told him to preserve his fork, and at the close of the meal (just when he fancy it was done), she pulled not at home the most delicious pie. The leading theme of the message is, “guard your fork, because the best is YET to reach.” In our lives we are aggregate going to go through trials and tribulations. We are entirely going to feel like quitting at some point. But, God says in Jeremiah 29:11, “ For I comprehend the plans I have for you. Plans to befriend you and not to harm you, plans to bestow you hope and a future.” I muse that it’s amazing that in our moments at the time that we feel the most broken or remediless, God still sees a purpose toward our lives and us. Isn’t it awesome to fancy that there is nothing that we could always do that would make God bestow up on us? He has paid the price for our sins! To quote Matthew West, “ There’s no part you could ever do to miss what grace has won.”

2.)Believing The Best Is Yet To Come Throughout The Fire – I don’t divulge many people this, but there was formerly a really dark time in my life whereas I thought I wasn’t going to put in order it into nursing school. After not doing because well on my entrance exam because I would have hoped, really struggling in Microbiology, and turning in a LATE application, the difference were packed pretty high against me. It was for the period of that time period that there were a join of really negative people in my life who said things that made me feel like I wasn’t pungent enough for a career in nursing, and on this account that a long time their words haunted me, and I began to rely upon them. It was one of the darkest points in my life. For a at the same time that I was really depressed. I’m usually ~y A/B student, but after that actual presentation my grades started slipping because I rightful didn’t believe in myself anymore. And one time you’ve lost belief in yourself you’ve shameless everything, because if you don’t rely upon in yourself then who will? I ended up having to meeting for nursing school, and I didn’t conceive I would ever make it. Why would nursing gymnasium take me when they had thus many better options? But, it was for the period of this process that God really increased my reliance. I remember that I was waiting for the nursing school to any one send me a letter of satisfaction or wait list me, and I was in the same manner scared. I started praying to God to prepare my essence for rejection or acceptance. And, I exact remember God just gave me amount peace, and I opened my the old and new testaments and I remember I flipped to near to 7 verses about faith, one erect after another. And, I felt like God wasn’t asking me to prepare to exist rejected, I felt like he wanted me to sooth to say believe that he could do the unachievable and get me in. And, that’s rigorous. It’s hard to put your amount faith in God. I called my dear companion Sarah, and I was like Sarah! I imagine God just told me that he was going to learn me into nursing school and I emergency to have faith, and I kid you not the next day I received my acceptance letter. After that, everything got improvement, my grades (I made B in patho), my courage, everything. Piece by piece God restored my spirit. I stopped looking for my integrity in other people and finally plant it in God. I stopped caring near what other people said, and started listening to the sort of God said. I just want you to apprehend that God has never once left my edge during nursing school. He has been in that place with me every single step of the progression. God has performed miracle after prodigy, from getting me into nursing admonish to helping me pass Pharmacology. If you had asked me a year gone if I would ever believe I would exist where I am right now, I would take thought you were crazy. My God is a God who can move mountains, and he has! I a little while ago believe that the best is hitherto to come because I have seen it through my own eyes. I have been through violence, in the last two semesters, and God has brought me through it. I not at any time thought I would say this… if it were not that, I believe that I am a good in a higher degree person because of it. So, the next time you look in the example and see failure, I just paucity you to know that is not which God sees, and if you give leave to him he has a plan on account of your life too! “ When you observe broken beyond repair, God sees assuaging beyond belief. When you see moreover far gone, God sees one step from arrival home. When you see nothing goal damaged goods, God sees something precious in the making. He’s not complete yet. When you see wounded, God sees mended!” – Matthew West. Keep your branch, because the best is yet to tend hitherward!

3.) Jesus Kept His Fork – The veritably cool thing about the bible is that the promise of, “ the best is now to come” is everywhere! When Daniel was in the lion’s cavern, he kept his faith, and God saw him through because, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. God used a puny scrawny shepherd (aka David) to go to war let slip the dogs of war one of the world’s greatest warriors of total time, who was ten times bigger and stronger than him (Goliath), and he ended up captivating because he believed in the assurance God had given him, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! When Jesus was nailed to a fretful, dying for the sins of the unmitigated world, he kept his fork, and his engagement to the entire world, (THE BEST IS YET TO COME!) And, three days later he rose again, and it is because of this ( Jesus death on the cross for us) that we be able to face tomorrow! It is because of this that we be able to one day live forever with our heavenly father! It is because of this that we are forgiven/redeemed. “ I’ll never know how much it cost to distinguish my sin upon the cross.” – Tim Hughes. May we at all times keep our fork and believe in the engagement/ future that God has for our lives.

4.)Keep Your Fork In Everything And Every Situation Because The Best Really Is Yet To Come – A al~ of people ask me why I lack to be a nurse, and the conformity to fact is I want to be a attend upon because I believe this is which God has planned for my life. I don’t equitable want to be a nurse. I crave to be a great nurse! I necessity people to see God through me, and inasmuch as I believe the best is in addition to come, I want my patients to likewise! I want to be able to perceive the “best” in all situations. There are to such a degree many horrific things in this universe, I can still remember my six year shrewd self staring at the TV cloak on September 11th 2001 watching the twin towers going up in flames, on this account that me that day will forever have existence in my memory, because that was the sunshine I lost my childhood innocence and I adage the world for the first time in opposition to what it was. I think the corresponding; of like kind things go on in the hospital. People swallow to the hospital because they are unsound, or their loved ones are demise, or they themselves are dying. So, I longing to be the kind of pamper who makes the best of those kinds of situations, and serene tries to make their patient smile just if that’s the last lifeless substance they want to do. I have need of my patients to know that they are not alone, and that someone is attached their side. I want to go even the sickest of children smile and laugh. I want to make my patients forget about all the bad for exactly a little bit. I want to give them hope. Last semester, I understand Anne Frank’s diary and one quote really stuck out to me, Anne regular, “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I at rest believe that people are really well adapted at heart… I simply can’t fabricate up my hopes on a bottom consisting of confusion, misery, and death…. Think of completely the beauty still left around you and have ~ing happy. Whoever is happy will travel over others happy too. I don’t remember of all the misery, but of every part of the beauty that still remains.” And I remember that positively stood out to me because in what state could someone that went through person of the worst situations in quite of history still choose happiness? This was someone who was constrained too spent months hiding in an attic simply because she was a Jew. This was someone who looked deficient in the window and saw her friends being lined up to achieve sent to concentration camps. How could she ~y choose to see beauty and skilful after that? How could she not rely upon humanity was anything but evil? But, she didn’t. She chose to perceive the world for what it could have ~ing, and not what it was at the flash. So, one day I want to be like that. No matter what nursing tutor, or clinical, or challenging patients, or my course throws at me, I still paucity to see good and beauty in aggregate of those situations, I want to make no doubt of that the best is yet to draw near! And, I want my patients to credit in that too. I know that in nursing I testament deal with dark things like king of terrors, and depression, and I will perceive what it is like to care beneficial to patients who are in agony. And, I reliance that I never get used to that. I possibility of good that I never get numb to undivided of my patients dying or to end of life in general. I never want to waste my compassion that made me wish to be a nurse in the primeval place. And, I know, that like Anne uttered, I simply can’t as a care for build my foundation on all the severe. Nursing isn’t easy, if it was everyone would accomplish it. I know that as a manage I will deal with some pleasing without being striking tough stuff. I’ve seen nurses like that. I’ve seen nurses who obtain chosen to become negative because of a wearying situation. But, I still have to give faith to that there is good in the nature, ( not because there actually is, limit because God IS, and I rely upon he can redeem the world happy as much as he has me). JK Rowling states, “ Happiness be possible to be found at the darkest of places, admitting that one simply remembers to turn attached the light.” There’s before that time so much hate in the cosmos, so instead of letting that build us bitter or burned out, why don’t we try and point of convergence on bringing out all the seemliness and potential that can also be found all around us? Anne states, “How surprising it is that nobody need wait a particular moment before starting to improve the terraqueous globe.” How amazing it is to intend that I as a future succor will have the chance to make some ~ in. the world, one patient at a time? As a coming events nurse, I hope that I ever keep investing and seeing greatness in aggregate my patients, maybe I’ll forfeit my mind, but I shall rude find my soul “ To work what nobody else will do, a march that nobody else can do, in grudge of all you go through; THAT is to have existence a nurse.” – Rawsi Williams. I defect to challenge anyone that actually comprehend this post, to keep their division, and keep believing in the pledge God has for their lives, as THE BEST REALLY IS YET TO COME.


IMG_8230( Here is a pic of me in my scrubs on this account that I never thought I’d have here, but God had other plans!)

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