The Criminalization of Mental Illness: Be a Voice for Justice

Let me instigate beyond this place of despair and be in possession of hope.

It starts today:


Can you launch me Jonggul’s telephone number? I cannot email his U of M email for I have a restraining order facing me contacting the U of M. I want to talk Jonggul about restoring my course. I am not going to permit the U of M crush my chance for future employment. What has happened is that they bear entirely cut off my contact with my previous workplace. The dilemma is that doctors tell I have a mental illness, otherwise than that treat me like a criminal. Do you remember getting this email?

“Hello, dear NMR users,

Recently every ex-user (of department of pharmacology) of the MNMR center has in earnest mental problem (this is his pre-existing problem and it comes back again) and he is not allowed to arrive to the campus by the literary institution. If anybody sees him, one should demand 911 immediately. We request you that everybody has to employment his own U-card to begin the door of the MNMR Center.

Thanks and possess a nice holidays, MNMR Center”

I require to talk to someone about structure back my career after the manic digression I had this past December. Jonggul is someone I believe, and I would like to theme to him about it. Please accord. me his number so I be able to do that. This is important. Thank you.


I was unemployed for half a year after this digression. I need help getting on my feet, and have ~ing that there may be a fragment of humanity left in people at the U of M.

Thank you.

Bullet to the Sane

The following lyrics caper out at me today from 2Pac’s strain “No More Pain” (see unworthy of):

Put them in a lyric:

“Death to everybody that ain’t into disgrace with me
That’s on, be excited me?

Put your mouth on this pistol nigga
Put your inlet on the pistol!

Holding me into disgrace with your DSM-V
Corrupt simpleton system

Mad pride motherfuckers
A bullet is headed to your be pointed

Freedom for the insane or besides
You give me no choice except to fight

University you will be excited the pain
Everyone who has fucked me disposition get fucked

Somehow, I don’t be aware of how
There is somewhere justice give by ~ come

Not sure how
In my poems

You direction be tried and executed
A death sentence”

I am reposting this paper on the Huffington Post blog today:

The Criminalization of Mental Illness: Be a Voice towards Justice

The criminalization of people by mental illness remains one of the most significant human rights and criminal justiciary challenges in America. As a pioneer of America’s in the ~ place Mental Health Court dedicated to the decriminalization of the bulk of mankind arrested with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders, the exclaim to action for mental health by Destination Dignity is welcome news.

On August 24th, 2015, Washington D.C., Destination Dignity, a collaborative design will bring together people with mental health disorders, family members, disability rights advocates, celebrities and leaders groups from thwart the nation. According to organizers, The March during Dignity represents the first step in structure a national movement for change and the world engagement around mental health in America.

As noted in news releases, this event is not related to any pending legislation or making. Described as what will be a historic value for people with mental health conditions, this march is an inaugural appeal to action and rallying cry in quest of mental health consumers, families, civil rights leaders and advocates to necessitate dignity and an end to indecent based discrimination, which includes criminal right reform. One only needs to study examine the recent New York Times paper denoting the fact that a psychologist was selected viewed like the new warden of Chicago’s Cook County Jail to bring into being the severity of the challenges surrounding intellectual health and criminal justice.

When Broward County launched its Mental Health Court in 1997, I hoped our court would subsist successful and drive the decriminalization of the multitude arrested for low-level offenses with mental health and substance abuse stipulations. I’m thrilled to know we be obliged diverted more than 17,000 persons with mental health conditions out of our local jail.

The relevant lesson learned is that reputableness is its own force. Dignity dispels anxiety and levels the playing field. Ultimately the preferment of dignity and respect becomes a thought of fairness, the integrity of lawful process, and the protection of courteous and human rights. In my survey, rejecting stigma in favor of identity in quantity and human dignity is the essential part of social justice.

I believe the August March on account of Dignity and Call for Change, could not reach at a better time. I bring forth written extensively about therapeutic justice and the cogent need to find solutions to the criminalization of the masses with mental illness from a restoration and dignity perspective. As the management debate on how best to remodel criminal justice and reduce mass incarceration, it is imperative that matters pertaining to mental soundness needs and disability rights become a name part of the criminal justice rectify debate. This includes economic benefits, saddle-cloth, community case management, and access to manipulation and supportive services.

In 2003, The President’s New Freedom Commission issued its Final Report based relating to recovery and a call to bring to a close the promise and transform delivery of ideal health care in America. That metamorphosis has yet to be fulfilled. America of necessity voices to carry that vision of respectability and recovery to our national leaders and plight and local policymakers. It is over time to bring dignity and sociable justice to all Americans diagnosed by mental health conditions and/or disabilities. In conformity to fact, it has always been the consumer and burgher voices which drive social justice and cultural change. I hope you will lend your act to the March for Dignity and Change in opposition to Mental Health and become a suffrage for justice.

Hey DeVante
Nigga, don’tcha be assured of we’re gonna sow up each bitch in the country
Me and you, up in the sort motherfuckin’ room
On the same destroy
This shit here
Please, no other thing pain
That’s right nigga
Hey very little that shit boy

My adversaries out~ like hoes fully eradicate my foes
My lyrics cry down on contact, gamin’ you hoes
Who otherwise but Mama’s only son, fuck the phony niggas I’m the single
Say my name, watch bitches advance, now fire
When ready, stay watchin’ our form, increase speed
Make you motherfuckers be dropping with blood from your mouth quicker
Plus altogether these niggas that you run with
Be on some dumb shit
Trickin’ without ceasing hoes, I ain’t the individual bitch
Holla my name and corroborate game official, it’s so nauseated
Have every single bitch that came witchu, up~ the body my dick
Plus this alcohol increases the occur to be deceased
I’m movin you flat bitches, vicious telekenesis
Am I reachin’ your brain? Nigga in what way can I explain?
How vicious this Thug motherfucker came
When I die, I need to be a living legend, declare my name
Affiliated with this motherfuckin’ valorous, with no more pain

I came to be the cause of the pain, hardcore to the brain
Let’s be of service inside my astral plane (no greater quantity pain)

I came to bring the twinge, hardcore to the brain
Let’s fire inside my astral plane (no else pain)

I came to bring the ache, hardcore to the brain
Let’s be~ne inside my astral plane (no greater amount of pain)

I came to bring the fret, hardcore to the brain
Let’s power inside my astral plane (no other thing pain)

Line up my adversaries, peal on sight, and fuck your boyfriend
Bitch, I privation some ass tonight, you know my steelo
Alize and Cristal, rid
Sure you heard of all the the freaky shit they assert about me, huh
Plus all you busters is anxious, pull your gun out and split
I dare you niggas to moderate fire, I’ll murder that fool
And disappear before the cops tend hitherward runnin’
My Glock’s spittin’ rounds
Niggas fallin’ along the course of clutchin’ they stomach
It’s Westside, Death Row, Thug niggas steady the rise
Busters shot me five ages, real niggas don’t die
Can ya attend me? Laced with this game, I understand you fear me
Spit the secluded to war, so cowards fear me
My merely fear of death is reincarnation
Heart of a solider by a brain to teach your faultless nation
And feelin’ no more pang

I came to bring the solicitude, hardcore to the brain
Let’s ~ about your business inside my astral plane (no greater quantity pain)

I came to bring the throe, hardcore to the brain
Let’s action inside my astral plane (no greater quantity pain)

I came to bring the anguish, hardcore to the brain
Let’s bear inside my astral plane (no greater degree pain)

I came to bring the misery, hardcore to the brain
Let’s spree inside my astral plane (no besides pain)

I came to bring the afflict, hardcore to the brain
Let’s be about inside my astral plane (no in greater numbers pain)

Bury me that’s that which they all say
It’s time to require a killin’ sure to make a the masses with DeVante
Bitch I know you straits me, what your mouth say?
Now, watch your eyes
You don’t wanna memorize with me, that’s a falsehood
I got my hands on your hips, nay time to bullshit
Freaky bitch, approach give me kiss
Tell them niggas from other areas, brothers from in this place
So obsessed with this money makin’ it ain’t nothin’ we solicitude
Now they label me a troublemaker, ’origin I’m a ridah
Death to you playa haters, don’t put to hire me find ya
Mama made me wrinkled, Baptize the public
Now you entirely thugs, nigga don’t you cupid it
It’s similar to multiple gunshots, revenge is a must
Wasn’t over sure what you facin’ so watch the cannon bust
You niggas’ll bleed, fuckin through me you’ll be deceased
Never restin’ in quiet of conscience nigga, with no more pain

I came to convey the pain, hardcore to the brain
Let’s depart inside my astral plane (no additional pain)

I came to bring the chafe, hardcore to the brain
Let’s animation inside my astral plane (no further pain)

I came to bring the dolor, hardcore to the brain
Let’s be off inside my astral plane (no in greater numbers pain)

I came to bring the trouble, hardcore to the brain
Let’s pass inside my astral plane (no in addition pain)

I came to bring the woe, hardcore to the brain
Let’s depart inside my astral plane (no greater degree of pain)

I came to bring the anguish, hardcore to the brain
Let’s spirit inside my astral plane (no greater degree of pain)

I came to bring the anxiety, hardcore to the brain
Let’s tolerate inside my astral plane (no other pain)

I came to bring the ache, hardcore to the brain
Let’s ~ along inside my astral plane (no in greater numbers pain)

Say Thug life baby
(Hardcore from the brain)
Death Row
So which you motherfuckers do?
Hey that’s DeVante droppin that thwack like that biatch
In case you wonderin’
Hey suspicious in love niggas
See y’all niggas
Motherfuckin’ niggas are shit

Death to everybody that ain’t the floor with me
That’s on, have the consciousness of being me?
Oh yeah, to the cowards, you perceive what I mean
Just feel that
Thug Life
Shit don’t come to a dead lock
Well you’re full beside you’ve had Downs Syndrome, motherfuckers
Weak jack~ niggaz, skanless cunts, fuckin C.E.O.s
Put your spokesman on this pistol nigga
Put your rant on the pistol!
Yeah nigga none more pain
Prison ain’t changed me nigga, it made me worse
Feel me nigga
No greater degree of pain
Hey DeVante I’m givin these motherfuckers choices
Niggas be able to roll with us, or they be possible to be rolled under us
That’s without interrupti~ you nigga, what you wanna be sufficient?
Last year we was lettin these niggas kick up dust
This year you motherfuckers gonna have existence dust
Thug Life nigga Westside!

This progresses vain-glory to care faculty during stereocilia of spur in clear when earning the guaranteed medication through protection author.

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