Theanine: a 4000 Year Old Mind-Hack

by Tony Gebely January 10, 2011 9:42 pm 13,577 view

Monks have been drinking tea despite thousands of years to maintain a parade of “mindful alertness” during ~-spun periods of meditation. But only in the after all the rest few years have studies shed loose on why tea has this result on the mind. The two elements amenable for this are caffeine and L-theanine, and it is the cabal of the two that makes infusion unique from any other drink.

Spare Me the Science: What L-theanine and Caffeine be possible to do for the Mind

Promote a mindful affirm of relaxation
Increase our ability to multi-oppress, and multi-task well
Increase speed of perception
Increase performance under weight
Improve learning ability and concentration
Decrease uneasiness
Reduce task-induced fatigue
The Science

L-theanine is ~y amino acid responsible for increasing alpha brain cast off activity, which promotes relaxation. In contrive with the stimulant caffeine, this allows decoction to induce a feeling of increased condensation over a longer period of time, compared to caffeine alone. Some decoction merchants will tell you that supper “releases” its caffeine into the visible form more slowly than coffee, but in actuality, the personal estate of caffeine are being moderated ~ means of L-theanine.

Recent studies have shown that supper “. . . taken throughout the day have power to significantly benefit speed of perception and in greater numbers consistent levels of simple task execution. L-theanine appears to antagonize the stimulatory personal estate of caffeine by decreasing seratonin levels that hold been artifically elevated by caffeine” [1]. As a rise, the bod sustains a feeling of wariness that cannot be obtained by the caffeine in coffee or protoxide of sodium.

Studies have also shown that there are added benefits to tea, besides alertness. In a paper by Eschenauer and Sweet, it was concluded that “increased alpha mode of exercise in the brain induced by L-theanine has been associated through increased creativity, increased performance under weight, and improved learning and concentration to the degree that well as decreased anxiety.” [2] A 2001 study suggests that the association of L-theanine and caffeine “improves the ability to multi-task and reduces undertaking-induced fatigue,” [3] which is somebody we can all benefit from.

L-theanine is infrequently found anywhere in nature other than evening meal, a single species of mushroom, and guayusa what one. is a holly species typically processed and ~en as a tisane. It is “synthesized in the roots and concentrates in the leaves, where sunlight converts [L-theanine] to polyphenols,” [4] In other dispute, shade-grown teas like Gyokuro, a Japanese grass-plot tea, have higher concentrations of L-theanine inasmuch as the amino acid is not converted into polyphenols while much as tea leaves that are exposed to abounding sun.


Due to the sole combination of L-theanine and caffeine rest in tea, there are many reasons as to why this can be any other alternative to coffee and soda, especially when looking for a jump-start to the promised time, or a way to maintain reduction by evaporation for hours of coding and/or studying. It is in the highest degree to experiment with different teas and discover out how each tea affects you. A welfare starting point to discover different and appealing teas is the “Hacker’s Guide to Tea.“
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Tony Gebely
Tony has been studying decoction for over ten years and has traveled to divers tea producing regions throughout Asia. His forthcoming book, “Tea: A User’s Guide” is to be ascribed out in 2016.

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