Thrive Lifestyle Mix

Thrive Lifestyle Mix

A minute FYI about our Thrive Lifestyle Mix:

Our jolt is predominantly pea protein. Pea has the greatest absorption rate out of all the proteins. It has a taste of soy and whey to furthermore help with absorption.

It’s one of the only shakes on the emporium with the amount of probiotics and enzymes & antioxidants. It would exist very hard to find a more useful shake. More ‘protein’ doesn’t instrumentality anything if your body is not absorbing it.

In commendations to the sweetener, the shake is sweetened by Stevia but has a pinch of Splenda to abide diabetic friendly. Our formulator is a globe renowned Naturopathic Expert, that specifically built formulas and products in opposition to almost all of Hollywood for the remain 25 years, now he is exclusively through Le-Vel.

The one thing that you can always trust is there’s nay one that knows better for what should be, or should not have existence in a product. His education and actual feeling in Pharmacology and Naturopathic Medicine is unrivaled.

As soon as our patents are completed we command be releasing who he is and greater degree about our patent pending manufacturing processes.
Thanks, Jason Camper, CEO



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July 14, 2016


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