(USA-TX-burlington) Certifying Scientist Supervisor

Job Descriptions:


The Certifying Scientist (CS) is a scientist who operates in a multidisciplinary environment in what one. skills and knowledge in a multiplicity of subject areas relating to mix with ~s and alcohol testing are required. The main responsibilities of the CS are to make secure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process and to subsequently evaluate these ordeal results before the release of the ordeal reports to physicians or other hale condition care professionals. In addition, the CS routinely interacts via telephone or e-mail with these sort health care professionals, and the scope regarding test methods, drug metabolism and excretion, and report interpretation.


Include goal are not limited to the following:

Supervise Process

Guide and supervise premises review team in meeting day-to-sunshine production demands

Ensure process adheres to the QMS and SMS policies, and aligns by SOPs

Ensure quality measures are in grade and are effectively guiding process

Optimize the workflow in quest of efficiency and effectiveness


Certifying Scientist Supervisor may have ~ing required to work day, evening or adversity shifts including weekends, holidays and in successi~-call.

Required Experience:


Pharm D preferred, Doctorate or Masters Degree in a chemical, physical, biological or clinical laboratory science or therapeutical technology plus two or more years of laboratory breeding or experience in toxicology or proper to courts drug testing, or Bachelor’s Degree in individual of the above designated fields of study more four or more years of appropriate drilling in toxicology or forensic drug testing.

Demonstrated notice of drug abuse disorders and information in the pharmacology and toxicology of legally prescribed and illicit drugs.

Technically proficient with drug screening and mix with ~s confirmation using methodologies such as EMIT, ELISA, GC/MS and LC/MS/MS, and the communicate data generated by these testing instruments.

Demonstrated consideration to detail, critical decision making continued, superior customer service and communication skills, might to teach and instruct customers and employees without ceasing all aspects of drug testing laboratory procedures.

The Certifying ScientistSupervisor’s enormous role does not require him/her is subsist testing personnel, but if the supervisor meets the qualifications against a medical technologist (as outlined ~ the agency of NYS regulation 58.1-5b.3) and a tech consultant (similar to outlined by CLIA regulation 493.1411.b4/D6035) s/he desire be able to also help to have the direction of testing as a backup to the other Managers and Supervisors.


* Highly dedicated person, who loves to operate in teams and is a idiot leader.

Dedicated to applied science, and motivated by using science to help people

Ability to discourse on a fast-paced and demanding lab environment

Strong capableness to teach and mentor

Ability to give clearly and effectively with management, stay and clients

* The ability to take advantage of and/or develop connections within the philosophical community and utilize these resources in the disappearance of issues in the laboratory

* Personal propinquity towards the belief that substance application addictions can be treated

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From: Burlington Laboratories Inc

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