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This time, I would like to contingent the essays written by my 2016 summer move swiftly students. I assigned them The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (Autonomous University in Santo Domingo) as a general subject. They wrote not far from the part of their interest in the universal school. Did you enjoy reading the essays? How carry on you like the work the students esteem done? Leave a comment, please.

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Wednesday, July 19th, 2016

The Pedro Mir Library

By Luz Iraysa Victoria

     The Pedro Mir Library at UASD is the most complete and modern library in Santo Domingo. This library is a while for students to spend a calm time while they study. Not singly UASD students can use this library moreover also people interested in research, study, or delineation a good book. The Pedro Mir Library is earnest for people to learn and have fruition of literature. In other words, it is the accomplished place for students to disconnect themselves from the wont, discover a good book, or righteous study without interruptions.

     Firstly, the study areas at Pedro Mir Library at UASD are equipped by everything necessary to study. In these areas, students can find big tables made of hardboard, and chairs made of timber and stainless steel where they be possible to study in groups. Besides, there are besides cubicles where students can work individually. Some of them be favored with computers so students can do online study. The Pedro Mir Library study areas are moreover very bright. Natural light comes from one side the large windows, and the ceilings be favored with recessed lightning in circular and right-angled shapes. Moreover, each study area has a part with room dedicate to reading, which is called the public recital rooms, in which students can light upon a variety of bookshelves with belles-lettres books. The study areas are located in the advance and third floors. Each floor has some information area where there is a team accountable of providing information and helping through the books borrowing system. On the abet floor, the books are about genial science, religion, philosophy, and literature at the same time that on the third floor, books are almost medical science, technology, applied science, attic science, and pharmacology. Therefore, to investigation and study a specific field, it is of influence to choose the right floor in the place of the team to help with the books. In adding, to use the study areas, students be necessitated to follow certain rules that are specified in short boards in some of the tables in the space. The study areas are qualified to arrange the students with a suitable study environment.

     Secondly, The Pedro Mir Library has a borrowing combination of parts to form a whole that consists of a series of steps. The capital thing to do is go to the online catalog modules located at the backer, third, or forth floors of the library. These modules be seized of availability for 42 users on either floor. To get the books, students be obliged to open the catalog which has every index of authors and book titles, and complexion for a code. The library uses a numerical theory for the codes. After that, students ~iness go to the information area to elucidate the corresponding code of the main division and they will find it. In joining to that, students need to occupy completely a little form with their individual information and hand in give their material ID card. Finally, students will subsist able to use the books instead of as much time as they be in want of. Once the students finish using the books, they take to return them to the knowledge of facts area and the team will establish the truth of that the books are in beneficial conditions to give students their IDs back. For a different use of the books, such while to make copies, the team gives the students one more form to fill out. This time, the books direction be lent for limited time, likewise they can take the books disclosed of the library to make the copies. The books will be verified by a member of the library cane at the main entrance before leaving the library. However, the Pedro Mir Library does not grant the students books to take home. The   books are to be used exclusively in the library yard. Damage to the books will have ~ing fined with an amount of currency to replenish the books.

     Thirdly, The Pedro Mir Library has some technological resources available for the students. It has in an opposite direction 790 modern computers with flat screens, UPS regularity, and online service in each place. Moreover, in the library, students can find a video-conference room equipped with screens, projectors, and computers with CD and DVD players. The Library in addition has a very wide database regularity where students can find lots of publications, electronic magazines, and texts in English and Spanish attached different fields such as business, body of knowledge, and medical science. Medical science database is called OCENET, and it is useful for medicine, nursing and pharmacy students. For a in a more excellent way service, the library uses the VOYAGER classification to manage library organization and provisions. VOYAGER system is a data base of profoundly technology based on the ORACLE given conditions system to simplify the personnel toil, which guarantees the customized search of library spiritual obedience. Additionally, the Pedro Mir Library has a thorough online catalog system organized by characteristic of titles and authors where students can search books by themselves. Last, ~-end not least, The Library has a photocopy and press room available for the students. Technological resources at this library are for the users to esteem an easy access to them.

     In termination, The Pedro Mir Library at UASD has the ~ly complete library service in Santo Domingo, through access to high technology and the most comfortable study areas. So if the Students are looking conducive to a place to enjoy a humor experience while studying, the Pedro Mir Library at UASD is the best place for them.

Santo Domingo, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Central Library at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo in Bonao

By Fernando Villa

The make ~ place for the students to study is the central library at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) in Bonao. The library offers books that are some essential part of the academic disentanglement of students in college. The risk of studying can be different then visiting the library. In one single place, students can live that ample adventure. There are many things students can do at this comfortable place. Besides homework, students can study, read, discuss, write, and have fruition of the service offered by big mace. The library is the place in which place students are the ones they verily are. This library introduces students in their nature, knowledge.

Furthermore, students cannot complain not far from the service in the library. The library opens from Monday to Saturday. It opens from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without interrupti~ Saturdays. At this library, people can find a variety of books which are organized by categories. The books are steady the second floor, so when lower classes go upstairs, to the right interest of the entrance, they can obtain the books in the following standing rule: Pure Science, Linguistics, Social Studies, Religion, Philosophy, and Law. On the other faction, students will find the following categories: Applied Science, Music-Art and Sport, Literature, History, and a swollen area for reading. The library too offers a small room for selfish groups. There, students can discuss and that space, they will not be interrupted ~ dint of. any other people out of the collection. The librarian´s office is pretty repellent and it is next to the typography office on the second floor. There are numerous company computers to use in case the content is not found in any of the books from this library. There is in addition a master control who works with the computers and supervises the make ~ed the students are working with in harvested land computer.

Additionally, there are 14 employees acting at the library. Five people be in action during the morning shift and the other nine the masses work during the afternoon and the even shift. There is no supervisor. They parcel out the work by areas. They require a very good relationship. They like to toil in the first floor because the inferior floor has no air conditioner. There is not at all solution for the problem yet. They assert whoever is at the place is a supervisor. One pattern of this is when a pupil is at the studying area, he or she has to pay observation to what it is around. Out of the five workers in the early part of the day shift, two of them are woman. A woman is the librarian inasmuch as she is the only employee graduated in this ~ of battle there. The afternoon shift counts through four women. They all work cheek by jowl in both shifts. There are eight men operating, too. Two of them are not graduated from corporation yet. The ungraduated one is the master superintend. According to some employees, there is person with a bad attitude towards the other mob who work there. Out of the eight men, six of them operate during the morning shift. They altogether belong to the UASD Employees Association. Some of them flat think that there are too many people working at this library.

Also, in that place are many study areas at the central library. People conversion to an act these areas for many things. In every part of, there are 29 chairs in the usual areas of study. There, chairs and desks are exceedingly close to the books. The chairs be the subject of desks, and some others have computer-desks. On the left lateral of the library, there are 15 chairs, distinct from the ones in the not oblique side, in which there are 14 chairs alone. Four people can sit at unit desk. However, they can just practise ~ing or write. The students cannot exhibit loudly at these desks because they esteem a piece of rectangular brown grove on top. That does not acknowledge students to see one another face to face. It avoids eye contact. Therefore, when students want to reason about a topic, they should go to single in kind of these big comfortable rooms made of glass. Those rooms hold their own chairs. In the biggest undivided, there are 14 computers. Some computers are not moving. There are 5 rooms for reunions. They get no air conditioner, just like the entire second floor in the library. Students can see who is in the assembly room since these rooms are quite made of glass. The capacity of these rooms depends up~ the body what the students are going to carry into effect there. For example, if the students exactly want to talk or discuss somewhat topic, they can use only chairs. It appliance more people fit in.

In close, it is not the service, the mace or the study areas that convoy students to the library, but learning. In spite of the library´s want of books, it is fine as far as concerns students to work with the ones it has.

Santo Domingo 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Languages School at Autonomous University in Santo Domingo

By Ibanna Ventura Sánchez.

     The Languages School is some interesting place to know about. That is the village where many professors do their be, and where Modern Languages students be lost most of their time studying and captivating classes. It is a place with a peaceful environment to read. Even yet some students do not study languages, they like to turn out there to study.

     The First creature that is important to know hither and thither the Languages School is its material structure. It is located in encounter of the High Technology Laboratories, draw ~ the restaurant and the Physics Laboratories, that are to the northwest of Pedro Mir Library. It is person of the smallest buildings at UASD. Its laxity is 18,462,780 sexagesimal degrees and its length is 69,927,601 sexagesimal degrees. The Languages School has a right-angled shape in its physical structure and is made of become firm. It has only one floor and its get the better of is covered with simple red ceramics. The drill has some sidewalks around it in brotherhood to be more comfortable to possess in. The school has 15 rooms divided in the following direction of motion: the teachers´ room, the bathroom, the library, the previous languages department, the Languages Students Association, and 11 classrooms. The erection has nine windows in all, what one. are divided in the following street: three of the classrooms have two windows each, the two halls be in actual possession of one window each, the Languages Students Association has one window, and the other 12 rooms perform not have windows, which gives the Languages School the aspect of a small jail. The Languages School material structure was built to have electricity and weather conditioning working all the time.

     The forward aspect that is important to know is the Languages School Library. It is named Dennis Recio Arnaud. Even though there is a library in the Languages School, a al~ment of students do not even perceive there is one there. It is located equitable in the Languages School. Go through the front door, take the entrance that is to the right, and to the left is the library. Some time ~ne, it was a place for students to practise ~ing and study, but it is not functioning to the degree that a library anymore. Nowadays, the library is closed ~ numerous of the time. It is used in the same proportion that a classroom for teachers who require key to it. It does not be the subject of windows, and even though it has atmosphere conditioning, sometimes it is not laboring. Another thing is that if there is not electricity, people cannot study there because of the darkness. Next to the walls, there are shelves where the books are. Those shelves are made of grove and glass, which are broken in these days. There is a bookcase where they station the thesis and monographs, and in the other shelves, there are different textbooks, novels, and fiction books in different languages. All is disorganized. There is a entertainment on the wall, and in face of the board, there is a teacher´s desk. Next to the teacher´s desk, in that place is a table that is well stocked of books, all in a messy habitude most of the time. The unoccupied place is full of seats, and following the seats, sometimes there are some boxes messing the place. The library at times looks like a mice´s cave, since when students are there taking classes, they be able to see mice walking around the palate banks and enjoying their walking. Even granting the library does not have the most good conditions, it is a quiet portion to study.

     Third, it is prominent to know about the Languages School provisions. The Languages School is one of the buildings at UASD that is immersed in scurvy conditions. At first sight, its coloring shows that it has not been repainted in a slack time. Also, when people get in, they be able to realize that some rooms are painted without being covered with cement. Second, the ceiling has been falling apart conducive to semesters. Next, the ceramics that the get the better of has are breaking away. Even nevertheless the seats are very old, they have power to be used. However, there are not plenty of them. Another thing is the gas conditioning system is not given the appropriate bread. Because of that, sometimes it stops in operation. The pollution is another issue. The control is infected with rats, which are visible when students are taking classes. Due to that position, teachers and students have decided to murmur. After their complaint about the Languages School stipulations, the authorities said that there is not circulating medium in the university budget for rebuilding it. They in addition said that in the budget on account of remodeling Humanities Faculty, some money is included to accord. better conditions to the school. Now, in succession to fix the school, they be in possession of moved the classes to other places. They process is to clean, throw the trash away, and repaint the school. In malevolence of the bad conditions of the indoctrinate, it was good to take classes in it.

     In summary, the Languages School has a physical structure that allows students to study in a pacific environment. It has a languages library that level though it does not have the indispensable thing equipments, it is a good locality to read in it. Also, classes obtain been moved in order to accord. the school better conditions. The Languages School at UASD is a true place where you can learn languages and be proper for an excellent professional.

Santo Domingo 2016

 Tuesday, June 19th 2016


By Lizbeth De León Guzmán

            The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, UASD Restaurant is one important place to know about. It is a rank where many people with lack of cash can go and eat. This open space has made a before and afterward at UASD history because it has given a specifical touch to it. It is a fix for students to relax and hold a good lunch or dinner.

            First, The UASD Restaurant Management is highly organized. The management of this dwelling seat takes into account every single detachment in order to keep the capital functioning of the restaurant. The dealing staff has quality control of the vocation, and they are open to derive any complaint from the users. As whole the restaurants, this one has a economist or director who is in charge of the concern. He and a group of workers take care of the cheer that comes into the restaurant. The positions are given to a specified group of people. There are more who are in charge of the kitchen. Others are in charge of cleaning up the physical structure. The security guards, and a ~issimo supervisor meets with the staff every day in order to choose the sort of is going to be cooked the next day. The management of the bread is 50% responsibility of the polity, which assigns them a 50% of the feed that is delivered there. The restaurant management is usually criticized by crowd students around the university because of their policies. On the other four inches , there are others who do not agree by most of them because those the vulgar really make an effort in rank to have it organized.

           Second, The UASD Restaurant Food Service is the principally requested by many. The restaurant is moreover the most visited by many students from UASD and other universities round. How come? Well, its service has a very important particularity. In order to prepare it, people just need to buy a five-peso ticket, which ways and ~ that it is a very affordable value for students. Also, the food is salutary and delicious. This is why it is preferred ~ means of so many people. There are plenty of students who eat this diet from Monday to Saturday. Around 14,000 students including professors and the disposal staff from all the faculties gnaw into there. They have two shifts to save the food, which are lunch time and dinner time. They swindle not cook breakfast. Even though once they repeat the menu, they try to garble something different every day. Some dishes are rice through beans and chicken with salad. Also, they behave toward rice with green beans, pasta, and salad. For dinner, they usually content rice with milk, chocolate and viands, and other foods. Usually, in commission to offer a good service, in that place is a process to follow. First, humbler classes need to buy a five-peso ticket in the matter of inquiry of students, and a thirty-five-peso ticket in the put in a box of professors. Then a line new wine be made, which is usually surpassingly long, especially from 11:00 a m to 2:00 p m. The chop-house opens at 11:30 a m and closes at 3:00 p m. For dinner time, they are commence from 5:30 p m to 8:00 p m. The UASD Restaurant viands service is very famous not but for the food quality, but besides for its price. Many say that it is remarkably delicious and rarely, news have been heard round the poisoning of any person.

             Third, The UASD Restaurant Staff is actual privileged. They are in charge of maintenance the good functioning of the chop-house. There are around 150 people in operation there. Most of them have been working there for many years, but there are others who are new. It is a true qualified staff, which is noticeable for the reason that of the quality of their work at ~s and also because of the transactions. This staff gets paid by the department departments of the university. According to them, they win a good salary. They say that it is the bonus of their job. They also accept some privileges at the university, especially if the ones who want to labor there are students because they collaborate with the university and at the sort time, they get the chance to cull subjects earlier than others. There are couple shifts at this restaurant. There is a dispose that works from 7:00 a m to 3:00 p m. Also, in that place is another group that works from 4:00 p m to 8:00 p m. The positions are divided in some organized way. There is the skill. Besides, there is the staff in charge of cleaning up the material structure, the security guards, and the chefs, who are in charge of the most important parts, which is cooking a nice food for everyone. They are chosen by a specialized group of people. Something other that must be said about the support of this restaurant is that greatest part of them are respectful to others, and they produce their best to give a unblemished service.

             In terse, it must be said that the UASD Restaurant has other thing advantages than disadvantages. It is requisite to acknowledge the effort that promised time to day the management staff makes, in law for more than 14,000 students from altogether over the university to have a special food service. When people know that by just five-peso ticket students can eat lunch, they get surprised. They accomplish that it is not possible anywhere otherwise. However, most of this work would not have existence possible without the professionalism of the support at this place, which is one of the keys for its lucky hit. The most important thing to require in mind by students from this university is that it is necessary to collaborate in proper state to keep this place still functioning towards the future generations.

Santo Domingo 2016

Monday, July 19th, 2016. 


By Osvaldo Mieses 

               The Arts School at The Autonomous University in Santo Domingo, UASD, has qualities that practise it interesting. The Arts School graduates artists. Those artists bring into being fashion and publicity designs, paintings, sculptures, movies, and with equal rea~n on. Nowadays, it has a loftily level.

              First of quite, the Arts School at UASD has a ample physical structure. In front of the Arts School, in that place is a great reflection of its pile. It has a beautiful green area. Along this area, there are mango trees, fig trees, and in the same manner on. There is a platform that crosses from the left to the as it should be side. On each side of the platform, in that place is a large square bench, what one. is useful for everybody to incubate, relax, or do homework. In the platform, there is a beautiful porch that makes that pile look great. The porch has nine columns on every side of it. Also, there is a picture on one of the columns. In the mean, just on top of the philosophy of zeno, there is a big square with little multicolored plastic squares in it. Inside the the stoic philosophy, there is a wooden sculpture of one ancient taino. Over the porch, there is a big room. In the two sides the porch, there is a crevice that makes the porch an adornment to the building. To the right, there are four palm trees, uncorrupt in front of the six sets of windows that the building has. Next to these windows, in that place is another little gap, and else this gap, there are some pieces of wood with flowers on them. Those characteristics make the Arts School Physical Structure prodigious.

              Secondly, the Management of the Arts School at UASD works surpassingly well. The Dean of the Arts School, Juan Tiburcio, is responsible in the school leadership. This dealing system works very well because it is organized, and the conclusion of this work is visible without ceasing the daily routine. It is divided ~ dint of. several organisms. Each leader has to follow the dean´s orders, which also has each associate dean, Dionis Rufino, who helps him to finish that work. Some of the schools are Visual Arts, Music, Theatre and Dancing, Advertising, Industrial and Fashion Design, Film, Photography, Criticism, and Arts History. Besides, in that place are some departments such as the Postgraduate Unit. The other departments are Planning (Oseplandi), and Extension. Each exercise has an associate assistant, and a writing-desk. Thus, this management system works in instruct to do the work well.

                Last, goal not least, the professors of the Arts School at UASD obtain an aligned requirement to work. First of tot~y, they have to have a Bachelor´s Degree, and a Master´s Degree. Secondly, they be under the necessity of use an appropriate method to direct as an instructor. Some examples are lecturing, demonstrating, collaborating, classroom discussion, debriefing, classroom action research, or a coalition of these. Also, they should application the student-centered method approach to wide information.

           Teachers are one authority figure in this model. Teachers and students wave an equally active role in the erudition process. The teacher´s primary role is to coach and make easy student learning and overall comprehension of stuff. Student learning is measured through as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but formal and informal forms of tax, including group projects, students portfolios, and class participation. Teachers have to perform chastise by showing a respectable attitude and professionalism with their clothing. They have to advance in successive a critical sense in their students. They fustiness provide professionals to the country in regularity to increase its levels of arts. They acquire to provide materials or assign the materials needed to bring to pass the course goals. They need to attain changes in order to use the education methods that their students need. They are responsible to coach their students to escort if they are increasing or freezing their judgment. By supervising their students, professors be seized of to provide a record with the grades of the students at the extreme point of each period of class. Professors miss classes. In condition that they get sick, they own to make a report showing that they are not good to work that day. In joining, they have to be on time in either class. Thus, this line up course of rules helps the professors of the Arts School at UASD.

                In compact, in the Arts School at UASD the material structure is great. Coordinately, the skill is very organized. Subsequently, the professors be seized of an aligned requirement to work. All those features bring into being this School the best to study arts. It is the safest and greatest part suitable place to build a futurity.

Santo Domingo 2016

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