Confused on what to do? Help plz

Hello guys,

So I am acquisition better with what I want to render. So the thing is that I be delivered of narrowed it down to a grade in chemistry (joint, related), pharmacy and chemical engineering. Out of these I be missed to do pharmacy the most as I love medicines and medical crowd, however apparently it is at a indeed bad position at the moment. Chem eng doesn’t concern me much but thats where you prevail upon money and jobs. Chem degree is ok not fully convinced about whether I want to bring about that. All stuff like pharmacology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry etc. don’t get you a do ~-work if not studied further if you accomplish you dont get paid much. I dont act biology so most medical stuff I cant chouse. Also Someone told me about optometry according to requirements you dont gain to have bio but would I light upon it hard, is it a utility profession? Any suggestions on degrees would also be helpful.

Thank you a portion for your time and any relieve, much appreciated

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