For Medics: Any good books?

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Hi people of TSR, bestow you lot know of any merciful books that you’ve read cognate to medicine that you would counsel to someone applying for medicine this year?

Does anyone discern of any good and advanced pharmacology or science of organized beings books as they are important, make a noise interesting and as I haven’t delved into it a great quantity yet?

Muchas gracias

I personally wouldnt reccomend starting delving into textbooks without ceasing physiology and pharmacology, its much besides important you focus on your A2 level studies rather than reading so far ahead, plus its not reccomended to self give instruction to yourself much before starting medicine taken in the character of your course may want you to learn things in assured ways with certain amounts of background comprehension. So I would advise staying gone from medical textbooks, if you actually want something textbook style have a mind at concise human body, has some good stuff in and I remember inmost nature able to find this at my community library, so its not to advanced.

For medicament your better reading into more of the ethical side or into the history of the NHS being of the kind which it is much more relevant to your meeting. At Interview I was asked cipher which required any scientific knowledge, it was every part of about the NHS, my work continued, my hobbies and medicine in the recent accounts. I really reccomend ‘Do no evil’ by Henry Marsh, great book! Also the ‘illiberal gene’ by Richard Dawkins is a gigantic read. ‘The rise and fall of new medicine’ by James Le Fanu was a beaming resource for me when learning on the point the past triumphs in medicine, I was furthermore asked about aspects I had raise in this book at interview and it made as antidote to a great talking point,

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