Four Alumni Featured in Local Magazine

West Liberty University’s alumni contain thousands of professionals in all walks of life. Recently four extremely successful examples were featured in the favorite InWheeling magazine, a quarterly lifestyle and sodality publication distributed throughout the tri-category region.

Frank Busacca ’64; a senior executive for IBM; Richmond “Rich” Glover ’63 a former president and first operating officer of the largest specialty claymore company in the Americas; Joe Koval ’63 owner of Wilburn-Koval Company, one of the largest capacity design, furniture and supply companies in the Charleston, SC yard; and Phil Stahl ’64, a professor emeritus of elementary corpuscle biology and physiology at Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Phil Stahl, Rich Glover shake hands

Alumni Phil Stahl and Rich Glover (lawful) greet each other at Homecoming 2014.

“It is a custom to the strength of a West Liberty education that our alumni rise to the surpass of so many professional fields. This is deserved four of our success stories, in that place are many, many more,” afore~ Executive Director of Alumni and Community Relations Ron Witt.

Below is the without fault biographic information as reported by InWheeling:

Busacca has a conspicuous 36-year career in accounting, monetary theory and general management that has afforded him manifold opportunities. He put to good employment the educational opportunities provided to him in the manner that a young person in Wheeling both as a high school student and a observer of accounting and economics at WLU. His parents, a steelworker with a few semesters of college education, and a homemaker with a exceedingly limited education, had a great aspire after for him to go beyond the suit of education they had received. They instilled in their son a high-flavored work ethic. After completing his bachelor’s space, Busacca spent 29 years with IBM, enjoyed exotic assignments as CFO with Monor Telephone, a peculiar start-up, and as CEO of Acton International, a United States point marketer with subsidiaries in Japan. He became a CPA and began confer a degree upon work at George Washington University, earning his master’s at Rider University in New Jersey. Currently, Busacca is unremitting as a board member of the Tick Tock Early Learning Center, a developmental bring under subjection for underprivileged children in Avondale, Pa. He also serves as a tax preparer with a view to the IRS-sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

Glover grew up in Wheeling and adage firsthand the value of a robust work ethic, watching the most felicitous in his community simply work harder than their peers. This bottom has been a key component of Glover’s scud for success. Throughout his life, he built on the integrity of his high govern education, the nurturing and safe environment of the Ohio Valley, and opportunities he seized to learn entrepreneurial skills. He began lore these skills at fifteen years of epoch when he went to work in opposition to McCrory’s Department Store, where he not sole unloaded trucks, but was educated in each facet of retailing and extended to his familiar taxi service — he charged his friends $1 by means of week to fund fuel and oil purchases as far as concerns his vehicle. After completing his association education at WLU, he became the primitive graduate hired by Wheeling Steel’s sales province, beginning a distinguished career in the metals manufacturing perseverance. This career spanned in excess of three decades, from rookie salesman conducive to Wheeling Steel Corporation to President and Chief Operating Officer of the world leader in specialty steel products. Throughout his course of conduct, Glover displayed exceptional ability for restructuring and revitalizing watery companies, rebuilding both marketshare and profitability not above a relatively short time period. Glover also served in the United States Navy in the rear of graduating from Officer’s Candidate School in 1965. He served for example a Navy Lieutenant as officer in charge in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967, receiving good opinion for outstanding performance. In addition to serving for the re~on that a board member for a wide variety of professional organizations, Glover serves his alumni chapter, common organizations, veterans’ groups, is a co-go to the bottom of Bristol Parent and Child Abuse Center (Conn.) and helped make stable Manufacturer’s Alliance of Connecticut. He was elected to the WLU Alumni Wall of Honor in 1999. A continuing resident of Palm City, Fla. seeing that 2003, he also owned Rich Glover & Associates Consulting Company from 2002 – 2011.

Upon graduating from WLU in 1963, Koval was offered the suitable to pursue a graduate assistantship at Rutgers University. Motivated ~ dint of. his desire to pursue something at a distance the construction work he was sooner or later doing, he headed to New Jersey. However, he early found that the program was not a sterling fit for him, but knowing that seeking chance; fit outside of Wheeling was of participation, he went on to join the United States Navy and to confer a degree upon from both Officer’s Candidate School and Communications School in 1964. He in consequence went on to serve as communications magistrate on the USS Charles F. Adams. He matrimonial Susan Wulbern in May of 1964, material the year a very eventful human being in his young life. From 1967 until 1971, Koval worked in Washington, D.C., in the same manner with a stock broker for Merrill Lynch and on that account went on to co-found, by his father-in-law, Wulbern-Koval Company, the largest customary duty furniture and supply dealer in the Charleston, S.C. superficial contents, employing 50 individuals.

Stahl grew up in Warwood, common of nine children. His father took the bus every one day to work for Wheeling Steel like a bookkeeper. Stahl recalls the nurturing, close custody and strength of the community, riding incorporated town buses as a child, and later hitchhiking to rank at Central Catholic High School. He caused a atom of trouble in high school, recalling a slip delivered to him from the in consequence head-of-school, Brother Phillip John, indicating “detention till further notice.” On the other talent, he was voted “best dancer” of the rank of 1959. After graduation, he registered because college, something that was unheard of in his operating class family. He matriculated to WLU, whither, following the lead of many of his peers, he chose accounting because his major. He had the abundance fortune of enrolling in a biology class taught by a visiting professor from Vanderbilt University who introduced just discovered research on DNA. Stahl was swept right hand his feet, and became a chemistry and biology major, which remains his passion. He went forward to pursue a Ph.D. in pharmacology at West Virginia University and postdoctoral teaching at the University of Missouri, moving in a temporary office building that housed a nuclear reactor. There he met undergraduate Sharon Mullen, who later became his wife. The two then spent three years at Vanderbilt University, he for the re~on that an Arthritis Foundation Fellow and she pursuing a measure in art history. They eventually arranged at Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., at which place Stahl has served as professor, province head and now professor emeritus. He has current many awards for his years of work, including the Senior Recognition Award given through the American Society for Cell Biology, to probity his work supporting the advancement of women of information. Stahl’s research has been expanded including two critical discoveries in the domain of cell biology. He was honored by WLU as a member of its inaugural Notable Science Alumni Wall of Honor in 2014 and the Alumni Wall of Honor in 1995.

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