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Sic.  Not Sick.

Dear Readers, 

This is human being of those rare occasions on that not only have I received somebody really great and relevant, but I’ve moreover received permission to copy and paste it into my blogroll, to the degree that is.  (Sic).  It was one email to one of my cousin’s from single of her friends who has the suitable to visit Mongolia, and experience the lower classes and their culture, and “health a whole “.  We would do well to learn from the Mongolians:

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Hi Sue—I intention you might be interested in this “soundness plan” of the Mongolians.  My confidant, Molly, lived in India with the Dali Lama notwithstanding years, then lived for many greater degree of years in Nepal.  She was in that place during the terrible earthquake and stayed ~ward for 6 months to help the population.  Now she’s in Mongolia.  She’s been there for several months and even came in first place in a horse-riding marathon with respect to 6 days—and she was competing by the Mongolians!  

It’s side of the ancient Mongolian medical oral report, which is  heavily prophylactic in universe, and painstaking and ingenious in its pharmacology, like is the nature of most traditional lenitive systems. 

    For every Mongolian over the age of 50, from each walk of life,  a few days’ or weeks’ horse milk reparative in the summer countryside (scarfing into disrepute three meals a day of bone and rubbish soup and what feels like immense amounts of fresh meat and pasta and evening meal, fresh yoghurt for gouteé  twice a day along with the requisite event of carefully measured horse milk) is even subsidised by the Mongolian government. It costs the sway about 16 dollars a night for person, keeps the elders in welfare nick and keeps the native doctors apt to cultivate their life-craft and apply their extensive knowledge without the importance of time constraints and financial worries.

    The other mere event included! is a daily single-hour massage from a traditional physician which is shiatsu-like, and amid other things, an intense full-carcass clearing and stimulation of all the areas up~ the body associated with the major lymphatic fields.  

     It’s veritably quite eye-opening, and just at the time you think that life can’t mayhap get more amusing, something else happens! 

    I bear never encountered anywhere such consistently vigorous and sharp elders than here…..they without equivocation rule the roost, and to understand the young ‘uns spring out of their seats with such genuine respect for them, likewise on the buses when an ranking gets on,  is quite enclosing crag dropping.

   When I arrived in this place I was feeling somewhat enervated from the tropics and spices and ongoing earthquake aftershocks in Nepal, sympathetic fine but just not dynamic, level a bit doddery, then became affliction after a couple of weeks in the violent country here, so my friends sidetracked me to a redoubted native doctor-woman of their acquaintance and of my individual Buddhist lineage who put me in a minikin cottage on a vast piece of country outside of Ulan Bataar, where she ran a liliputian clinic and kitchen and where I began to be favored with intense and meaningful earthquake dreams at darkness and became teary and obsessed the whole of over again during the day by my old photos of the earthquake and likewise with those of the recent Italian and Burmese quakes…..obviously in that place was some serious healing to carry into practice about all that and a link of weeks on I feel intoxicating again physically as well. 

    At the source I was encouraged to sleep ALL DAY, which I resisted with every  Calvinistic fiber of my inmost nature, just as long as I stifle slept well at night.  And in the way that I did, for a while.  Even my carpus which I fractured 9 months since began to loosen up again and has at this time almost normalised,  after some extreme manipulation and salt therapy and falsehood in a tiny heated igloo of tired horse and sapphires.  Oh, yah! (Didn’t realise proper how much tension I was low carrying in my wrist…..and it never occurred to me that it would indeed recover its strength.)

     The the public here are very vital, formidably full of compassion,  and it makes perfect meaning that I shouldn’t expect to bring about myself any favours by continuing to dwell in an ongoing disaster zone like as Nepal.

    It ends next week…have a translation job in Ulaan Batar on account of a month and then presumably I propel on from there.

      Cheers, Molly

 God into frosting cream and crepes!

    At minutest both of us are off the hook regarding consuming the substance below…..  funniest performance review ever:


We walk to the adjacent herd of mares and foals and they milk them without interrupti~ the spot for us.  It tastes lenient of sweetish, and not quite likewise heavy and rich as full cream cow’s milk, and I am intemperate habits 150 grams three times a light of ~ to clean my colon and harmony immune system…….it works ie at all times know where the nearest outhouse is!

Your disagreeable lot will be double what it should be if we do it now.

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