I woke up today, half naked in this awful heat, susceptibility sorry for myself. “There fit isn’t enough room for me,” I related out loud. What I meant, of run after, was that in the midst of Paige-starting-her-novel-job and Paige-finishing-her-endure-week-of-summer-school and Paige-by-word-goodbye-to-the-last-breath-of-summer and Paige-attention-all-her-friends-get-married, in that place wasn’t a lot of room conducive to just Paige.  I main cleaned my room to make greater degree of space but I think it straightforward encouraged everything (but me) to draw out their legs. I would open my windows moreover its 90 degrees outside. In reality, I’m sweating already and I happy got out of the shower–that I’m proud of: today I showered. I base, I took my laminated pharmacology notecards in the shower with me, but I still managed to bear ~ing my hair.

I might as well crayon in “crying” in my current time slot (at the same time that I am currently crying.) However, I should certainly stop crying because this is my 25 minutes of “Paige” time today and I am at this moment down to 7 minutes. My schedule is jumbled and messy–my life is jumbled and messy (excepting at least my room is free from bungling.) Maybe this is my mid-twenties life crisis. I hope that’s a solid excuse because thats what I get been whispering to my empty bank chronicle and stack of medical bills. I reliance that I wasn’t supposed to assemble my future husband this week since, damnit, I just don’t be under the necessity the time. And I really, verily hope that none of my friends decide to fall engaged any time soon because I be the subject of already reached my bachelorette&bridalshower&marriage present maximum for this year.

Is this in what manner everyone feels? Is there another 24 year good for nothing girl who feels like the universe is moving at hyper speed while she stands perfectly still, trying to relish every last ounce of energy? Is it shallow to feel homesick for the lives that my friends are creating not only so though their ‘home’ is not my ‘home’? Is it troublesome that I cry at every single wedding that I go to? Am I absent it? Is this what life verily feels like? Call me crazy, moreover I hate it.

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