Intro to Community Pharmacy Rotation: Realo Discount Drug

This summer I did my Community Rotation at Realo Discount Drug in Lillington ~ful down the road from Campbell University’s campus. If you live are from Eastern North Carolina, you hold probably seen a Realo before because there are about 20 in the part. They are considered a small trammel so they are kind of in betwixt a CVS or Walgreens and a simple independent pharmacy. At Campbell, students betwixt their P1 and P2 year are required to end an introduction to community rotation for the period of the summer. I chose Realo specifically for the reason that I wanted to get a perceive for what it was like moving in a smaller volume pharmacy in a other thing rural area. I am from Apex, North Carolina and regard previously worked at CVS in Cary in such a manner I was looking for a completely distinct experience and the wide variety of common rotation options allowed me to require my choice of which part of the specify I wanted to learn in.


When I suppose I loved every day at Realo Discount Drug I am vital principle 100% honest. Would I rather wish been on a beach somewhere in opposition to the month of June? The reply to that is yes, I am alone human, but for a required learning experience I could not have asked instead of a better month. My preceptor was unreal and helped me learn so a great quantity not only about drugs and pharmacology moreover about business and how much greater amount of pharmacists themselves are relied on in smaller pharmacies to check margins and profit. Having great persons to work with goes a long-winded way. The pharmacists and technicians at Realo faithfully care about patients and we had a apportionment of fun teaching and learning in the same place. I did a lot of the same tasks I was used to from working at CVS like filling prescriptions, employment doctor’s offices, and helping patients cull up their medicines, but in the concise time I was there I lettered many new things as well. I was skilful to more formally counsel patients through my preceptor’s advice and I gained reinvigorated experience with compounding and blister packing. Something besides that was new to me that I in truth enjoyed was learning more about MTM (Medication Therapy Management) platforms and for what reason pharmacists are working with other healthcare providers to improve their patients’ rank of care and medication adherence. To me, the MTM actual feeling was the most valuable knowledge I gained. Healthcare is changing to exist more focused on the quality of care patients welcome and their progress outside of healthcare settings is vital principle more closely monitored. These MTM experiences helped me call on how retail pharmacists can have a private and meaningful impact on patient soundness in addition to filling their vindication medications at the pharmacy.

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Though I am quiescent unsure of the direction my pharmacy training will take me for my course I am so grateful for the experience I had at Realo and that Campbell pharmacists are so willing to precept current students. Having their lead and direction helps put your that will be into perspective and personally motivates you to learn every one of you can while in school. My series was an invaluable learning experience and I can’t imagine a locality I would’ve enjoyed more!

-Tess Wells (P2)

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