Odds of getting in to BSN online AP

0 Hey I be in possession of a question for anyone in the apprehend about this program. I am getting ready to submit my app ~ the sake of the fall ’17 deadline of Jan. I have a BS in biology with a 4.0. I am catching pathophysiology and pharmacology this fall starting in Sept. I conformation I will maintain my 4.0 GPA. I deserved took the HESI yesterday and admitted a 95.5 overall. I opine that translates to a 382. I don’t know enough about the typical applicant stats to know if I bring forth a good shot at getting accepted. I am planning to renounce my job and student loan it through the 15 months. I popularly teach high school biology there is exact no way to keep that work at ~s and do the program. There is not enough flexibility in work hours. So by that in mind, I am deplorable to psych myself up.
So that which do you guys think?

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