Towards a Gray Market (Affording your state of mind)

On the streets, fraudulently introduced (i.e fraudulent) gains are always balanced by an incidental correction of some sort, usually unexpected but consistent with the principle of respect.  Prohibition for the re~on that a surreptitious form of neo-beneficent war capitalism is currently in a winding of zero-sum corrections betting in anticipation of good sense and common humanity.  Put any other way, experiential biology, quantum bio-chemistry and consumer psycho-pharmacology are functional to cultural animal and vegetable economy to the extent deregulation (decriminalization) and one appropriate regime of profit sharing (i.e.taxation) of necessity to be established to offset systemic cultural and relating to housekeeping collapse.  A gray market creates modern channels for existing cultural infrastructure of that kind as there is equity in abstruse capital flows arising from the interactions of unlegalized commodities with those furnished by legit (i.e. taxable) activity.  This equity is the sort as sustainability in emerging/frontier markets and a veiled balance against market corrections sure to convey from a bet against the precise signification of $$$ such as is functional to sub-chief lending and dark pool trading and the accompanying defectiveness of oversight and lapsed moral venture.  The gray market anchors (and proliferates by way of the Dark Web) the dematerialization of civilization by considering customer interface to exist inviolate (escrow, Tor) and primarily talk, treats physiology as a combination of stomach and intelligence.  A Dark Web brokerage is primed conducive to a post-consumer era where the cultural pay-dish is a mechanism derived from pwuw, pwuc and a globalized be in action-force that hopefully can move encompassing as easily as toxic yuan fleeing China or Switzerland centre of life paid to borrow in an make trial to preserve a counter-structural limit too big to fail state of finances.

A gray market is accession to a extension of physiology concerned with upkeep and sustenance in the lifestyle sense, allowing us to call into existence our own cultural space to the bulk that people could be considered the greatest in quantity valuable natural resource on the planet, counterpoint to (strict) neo-liberal austerity and mass murder of the 20th century.  This is not secular humanism so much as positioning physiology as an atomic element in improvement, potential energy that can be channeled byway of combining experiential biology with smart tech in conjunction with a deregulation of psycho-pharmacology appropriate to the cultural necessities of ~izing democracy and representative social governance of that kind as (potentially) exists online


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