Cruising On The Carnival Ecstasy

Dearest Readers:

Now that we are home from the roving voyage [Carnival Ecstasy –September 3 – September 8, 2016] departing from Charleston, by stops at Half Moon Cay and Nassau, Bahamas, I realize there are times I still consider sea legs. Earlier, while pouring a goblet of coffee, my body swayed back and out, just like the ship rocked time we were aboard. I laughed. Silly legs. Just keep moving!

Our cruise was booked touching a year ago, perhaps longer. We reportedly won this rove over the sea after listening to a time allotment pitch. Believe me, this was NOT a delivered cruise. After upgrading to an great deep view state room, paying the ~-hole fees, additional fees, this ‘loose cruise’ cost us more than principally people pay for cruises. Lessons Learned. Never keep company with another time share pitch!

Phil and I indeed needed this cruise. Quality time spent together after a dreadful, frightening summer to what Phil had surgery on his left protuberance. Reverse shoulder replacement. Apparently a commencing procedure. The first surgery was May 31. While recuperating, he awoke single in kind morning and his shoulder popped. We could ~ of the ball of the shoulder reinstatement extended out of place. We rushed to ER. After a ~-spun visit at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, the protuberance was popped back into place – a gentle surgical procedure requiring anesthesia. The following appointed time Phil returned home to recuperate. Recuperation was difficult. He fainted. And fainted…and FAINTED…so frequent times I’ve lost count. The individual I stared at every morning had a meet ~ to ~ as white as a sheet. He moved in inactive motion while he recuperated. The fainting spells continued, along with the visits to ER.

During the month of June, we visited ER seven seasons. In late June, still fainting at epochs, he visited the orthopedic surgeon despite a post-op check-up. He complained hither and thither his left foot hurting. It was swollen. The learned man ordered an x-ray. The results of the x-gleam revealed his left foot was fractured in distinct places. The news wasn’t encouraging towards his shoulder either. X-rays revealed the protuberance replacement needed to be repeated – against the third time. On that give rise to, we left the VA hospital through Phil’s foot wearing a profit and he was given a wheelchair. Two days later, Phil was admitted to the VA hospital by a surgery scheduled to re-carry on the reverse shoulder replacement.

To travel over a long story a bit direct, my weakened husband tolerated a horrible actual presentation during his recuperation. Filled with days of fainting and reality told ‘he’s dehydrated.’ On the remain occasion of his recurring fainting spells, I looked at the pamper and said: “If you own me he is dehydrated again, I have an opinion I will scream. He’s drinking bottles and bottles of water!” She nodded at me. “He’s dehydrated; howsoever, the doctors want to run more tests to see what is causing his dehydration.”

Because I pony Phil to drink water and I accord. him bottles of water to drink, he should not be dehydrated. A battery of tests was performed in successi~ him. All with good results. No affection issues. No brain issues. Apparently tot~y of the medications he consumed [prescribed meds] were strife with his body. We met with Pharmacology and other doctors. Suggestions were made to close taking several medications.

About time!

By very lately, Phil has been away from moil for almost three months. Gone were ill leave and vacation dates. We pinched pennies and tightened the family set so we could survive financially. I am merry to report, Phil is back to moil now and he appears to subsist getting stronger. Since the cruise was non-refundable, we chose to take the cruise and relax a bit. Neither of us cared to produce all of the events a roving voyage ship offers. We wanted and desired some quality time without doctor’s appointments, visits to ER and other headaches we endured for the time of his recovery.

Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Begins

And so – on September 3 – September 8, 2016, we cruised without interrupti~ the Carnival Ecstasy. This was our fourth roving voyage. Twice on Carnival including the Carnival Fantasy and after this the Ecstasy. We’ve enjoyed Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruises too, but this cruise was different with respect to us. All I wanted to chouse was see my husband relax and have stronger. When he had his principal surgery we were told he depraved four units of blood during the step. No wonder he is still obscure in the face and so exhausted.

Before we departed the Charleston Harbor I kissed Phil, telling him to relax and have a able time. Occasionally, we ordered drinks, grant that neither of us could be described of the same kind with lushes or alcoholics. One thing I have power to share about cruise ships, they carry on believe in sharing and encouraging persons to drink alcohol. In the mornings…afternoons…and evenings…there is a crew prompt and waiting to take your drink ecclesiastical office. While I am not criticizing drinking cocktails or alcohol, beer, and wine, and I complete occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine or an occasional cocktail, early morning cocktails and hangovers are not event I wish to participate in. I admit. I’ve had one hangover in my person of mature age life. I prayed to God that I would survive it, and If I did, I would never get that intoxicated again. I’ve kept that criterion!

Curiosity About the Cruise

Since we are home it being so that, I’ve had friends and acquaintances entreat me about the cruise ship and whether I met Rina Patel. They wanted to be aware of if she was drunk. I bear no clue. I did see her in the hallways and up~ the decks, but for me, it doesn’t trouble if she was drinking. I am heartbroken that she one or the other lost her balance or jumped. I di~ery believe she lost her balance and prostrate. She was on the 11th dress. I cannot criticize someone I produce not know. Earlier today someone placed a message for me on Facebook, asking with a view to my personal opinion. “Did she flow, or did she jump?”

I deleted the communication. What does matter is she is invisible at sea. Three days ago, in the obscurity of early morning, something happened to Ms. Patel. My spirit breaks for the family. Someone wrote she had a spouse, and other family members present forward the cruise. In my honest estimate, I have no right to acquire an opinion. After all, I wasn’t current when she disappeared. When I heard the tidings at 3:08 am, my feeling sank for a moment, wondering the kind of happened. May God give her parents and children strength and guidance during this venerable time of the unknown.

People implore me what happened. All I perceive is this, I was sleeping at the time that I heard the broadcast expressing something like this:

At 3:08am, Wednesday, September 7, 2016 – the intercom announced:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve had a story of a passenger going overboard.”

Additional accusation was shared, but no mention of the identification of the itinerant overboard. Hearing this sad news, I threw the covers back and stood ~ the agency of the ocean view window. I prayed during the term of the passenger and the family. I did not be assured of if the passenger was male or pistillate, and I prayed the passenger would exist rescued. While looking out into the high sea, I felt the ocean waters churning in change to the opposite. The ship was backing up. I’ve not ever felt or noticed a ship going in mischance. Truly an experience I never need to feel again. The waters rolled in a backward motion while Carnival Ecstasy shook well-nigh brutally.

Standing at the window, I by-word search lights lighting up the dark of night. Another announcement was broadcast: “Rina Patel please contiguity Guest Services.” I was strange why guest services would make similar an announcement while many of the passengers were sleeping. Maybe Rina Patel is the itinerant overboard. At 3:27 am, a lifeboat was lowered. Four crew members were in the boat. Another annunciation repeated the message again. “Rina Patel please touch Guest Services.”

Just WHO is Rina Patel and why must she contact Guest Services at 3:27 in the in season morning.

I can still see the extricate boat in the waters, moving on all sides and around the area near our main view window. The ship appears to have ~ing anchored now. We are not pathetic, only shaking. This ship is tremor from the reality of a passenger overboard. Dear God, please let them provide the passenger.

Search lights continue lighting the infinity waters. Ocean waters bubble in turned backward, reminding me of boiling water in a pot. White foam dances around the ship in the same manner with the ship continues shaking. I be told a telephone ringing, realizing it is the latitude next to us. I hear someone whispering into the phone, obviously, upset and I wonder – is the family of the lost passenger next door to us?

At 4:06am, Guest Services solicit Rina Patel to please contact visitant services. The wheels of my brain are rare now. Obviously, this Rina Patel is not responding to Guest Services. But – Who is Rina Patel, and for what cause isn’t she contacting guest services?

Although I desire to dress and rush upstairs to where the search is ongoing, I chose to abide in our room. Phil is inactive soundly throughout this ordeal. I did not have occasion for him to awaken and discover me gone, barely to be frightened that I ability be the missing person. I could farewell him a note, but what suppose that he doesn’t find it?

Exhausted, I come to destruction back to sleep in bed, praying concerning the missing passenger and the subdivision of an order, including Rina Patel. Something tells me she is the missing passenger.

At 9:00, Phil and I ~ along poolside to get breakfast. Walking simultaneously the deck, I see a Coast Guard helicopter. Looking nearby at a window, Carnival Ecstasy is influencing forward now. An announcement is made that the Coast Guard has released the ship to pass to Charleston. We are one twenty-fourth part of a day behind arrival time now. “Further minutiae about our arrival will be announced later.”

I tarry while standing in line for food, praying a silent prayer for the wayfarer and the family. The mood appears somber and heavy while standing in line. No party…party…PARTY or fun times this morning.

May God have existence with the family today and the supplementary days until the passenger is set up. Arriving home at 9:07 am, I deflect the TV on. I send a true copy to two friends to let them understand I will not make our Weight Watchers congregation today. I share the news hither and thither the passenger overboard. One friend says she heard the intelligence about the passenger this morning. My replication was: “Did they share the nominate of the person overboard?”

“Yes.” She responds. “Rina Patel, 32-years-skilled.”

Rina Patel? We heard her stead mentioned over the intercom so much. Something told me she was the traveller who fell overboard. Someone mentioned she was arguing by her mother, and then – she disappeared overboard. What a horrible play.

Now two days after coming home, the recent accounts reports say the Coast Guard has ended the inspect. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this unexpected time of affliction. On Facebook, people post remarks by-word “she was married and had handsome children.”

As for my thoughts, it verily doesn’t matter what I consider. Did Rina Patel fall? Was she pushed? Did she leap over? I do not know. I wasn’t a bear ~ to. At 2:45 in the break of day, I was sleeping, until the intercom interrupted my be heedless. My first reaction was something to the import of: Oh my God. There mould be an emergency. I struggled to remember to which place we would go IF the ship was in danger. I could not remember. After entirely, I was still half asleep.

Phil and I possess been on four cruises. I opine I could say, three cruises in the absence of any drama. One cruise with over much drama.

My thoughts and prayers are by the family of Rina Patel. What a play.

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