Does Hillary Clinton have Parkinson’s Disease?

The Hillary collpase continue Sunday has prompted a lot of pseculation up~ the body her condition. Early on I was inclined to disapprove her neurological condition on her account of concussion and cerebral vein thrombosis.

That seemed of logic, given her history. However, it does not account for her quick recovery. It also has nothing to do with pneumonia.

This video has now convinced me that she has Parkinson’s Disease, and it is fairly advanced. In the video, the cure mentions Apomorphine, which is not sulphate of morphia but an alpha adrenergic drug used in Parkinson’s Disease.

Currently, apomorphine is used in the management of Parkinson’s disease.

What practice does it have in Parkinson’s? It is used despite “Non-motor symptoms.”

What does that despicable ? Parkinson’s Disease is characterized ~ the agency of a serious of motor disabilities.

The vital symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are resting quaking, slowness of movement (bradykinesia) and rigidity. Many people also experience balance problems (postural instability). These symptoms, that often appear gradually and with increasing sternness over time, are usually what at the outset bring patients to a neurologist on account of help. Typically, symptoms begin on some side of the body and migrate from one side to the other time to the other side.

These symptoms are typically controlled through Dopamine like drugs, such as L-Dopa. There are other symptoms less easily controlled.

For example, in advanced cases, embroilment swallowing can cause Parkinson’s patients to without vocality food into the lungs, leading to pneumony or other pulmonary conditions. Loss of equilibrium can cause falls that result in important injuries or death. The seriousness of these incidents depends greatly attached the patient’s age, overall soundness and disease stage.


There are also side effects of L Dopa.

L-DOPA therapy is more distant complicated by the development of motion disorders called dyskinesias after 5 – 10 years of conversion to an act in most cases.

Dyskinesias are emotion disorders in which neurological discoordination results in unruly, involuntary movements. This discoordination can besides affect the autonomic nervous system, resulting in, against example, respiratory irregularities (Rice 2002). Dyskinesia is the event of L-DOPA-induced synaptic dysfunction and unfit signaling between areas of the brain that normally coordinate movement, to wit the motor cortex and the striatum (Jenner 2008).

One representation of dyskinesia is called “Freezing” The video linked overhead had several clips showing what looks like freezing. I looked carefully on this account that evidence of editing to simulate catching like motion but saw none. The usage for freezes, also referred to a “OFF episodes,” is

Of 19 patients, 15 (78.9%) achieved a full ON response. All 15 achieved a abounding ON response within 30 minutes and 6 of the 15 patients (40.0%) achieved a replete ON response within 15 minutes. The humble (SD) duration of ON was 50 (19.4) minutes. Of the 15 patients, 9 (60.0%) remained completely ON for ?90 minutes. There were nay discontinuations as a result of one adverse event. The most common hostile events were dizziness (36.8%), doziness (31.6%), and nausea (21.1%).

This could illustrate her sudden recovery on Sunday and could too suggest the reason why she was not taken, in the manner that per USSS protocol, to an Emergency Room. The apomorphine can be given as a sublingual pocket memorandum-book and does not require an lavement. The Secret Service has been protecting her after 1992 and should be well aware of her medical problems.

These episodes are a well known confusion of Parkinson’s Disease and of L Dopa.

Although levodopa is the ~ numerous effective oral PD therapy, many patients actual presentation motor fluctuations, including sudden loss of disagreeable lot effect and delayed benefit. CVT-301 is a levodopa inhalation powder with the potential for fleet onset of action. The objective of this study was to evaluate CVT-301 self-administered ~ means of PD patients to relieve OFF episodes.

The delivering of blue sunglasses has also been raised and they are well known in the handling of epilepsy. Their use in guiltless Parkinson’s Disease is limited to other medicine and chiropractic.

The video discussing Hillary Clinton and Parkinson’s has been attacked. That diagnosis of inflammation of the lungs does not explain the sudden recovery. The attacks on the physician furthermore ignores that he is an anesthesiologist and should have existence well trained in pharmacology.

There is obviously ~t one way to prove that this is the disease causing her collapse. We will get to see if anything else happens. The debates should be interesting. Freezing may be precipitated ~ dint of. stress.

Individuals with Parkinson’s illness (PD) commonly experience freezing of way under time constraints, in narrow spaces, and in the obscure. One commonality between these different situations is that they may quite provoke anxiety, The conclusion ?

These results boon strong evidence that anxiety is an important mechanism underlying freezing of way and supports the notion that the limbic order may have a profound contribution to freezing in PD.

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