Free Pharmacology Hours for ANPs- Managing Depression in Primary Care

depression npImproving the Management of Depression in Primary Care: Insights into Diagnosis and Treatment– Major depressive disease (MDD) is one of the ~ numerous common mental disorders diagnosed in the United States, by an estimated 16% of US adults experiencing MDD at more point during their lifetimes. According to the American Medical Association, inveterate depression is often untreated and, put ~ average, patients with depression receive the recommended station of care only 58% of the time. The goal of this mode of exercise is to expand knowledge, skills, and competency in the midst of nurse practitioners (NPs) in diagnosing and selecting optimal individualized therapy during adults with MDD, ultimately helping to bring to pass the best possible patient outcomes.
Summarize guideline changes in the just discovered Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, that contact the diagnosis and assessment of MDD.
Assess the exactness and risks of depression at the time of diagnosis.
Summarize current evince for efficacy and safety of modern therapies recently approved for the management of depression.
Develop customized treatment regimens during adults with depression, considering medication virtue and safety, drug interactions, dosing options, and calm comorbidities.
Explain the benefits of using rating scales to assess resigned response to depression treatment and medication margin effects.

1.0 Free CEUs on account of Nurse Practitioners which includes 0.5 Free Pharmacology Hours

Expires 6/1/18


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