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Hello, and greeting to:
Jake’s Average -> Awesome Blog

This blog was greatly created with the intention of motivating me and acquirement the input from others on in what manner I can help study and have better!




I’ve for aye been into Computing/CompSci since a young duration of existence, I practiced Python at age 10 and was comely average at age 12-13. I’ve mightily started finding my true passion at High School, Cyber Security.

tl;dr haughty nerd, likes computers

At GCSE I achieved greater number B’s and a couple A’s. Nothing very extraordinary, but certainly ‘okay’.
I realised perfectly late that in order to carry on well in life, GCSE’s certainly end matter, but despite that, I handle mine weren’t good enough – beneficial to me.

I’m interested in the MSci CompSci at Birmingham University and likewise a couple of other courses. To have ~ing safe, I’m going for A*, A*, A to make secure I am a good candidate in quest of the position.

I’m also partial in Pharmacology potentially, a little piece of a switch – but I’m commonly working in a Pharmacy and gaining continued and qualifications and finding out in what plight much of an interesting environment it is. We’ll suffer how AS year goes before I decide.

Sixth Form/Courses:
I’m studying:
Computer Science – OCR
Chemistry – (Need to fall upon out board)
Biology – (Need to provide out board)
Physics – (Need to supply out board)

Aiming for A* in CompSci and ~y A* in Chemistry, ideally it would have ~ing in Physics but we’ll look, obviously dependent on what I send down at A2


Yr1 Chemistry
Yr1 Physics
Yr1 Biology (ordered)
Computing – ~iness to get

Any advice on which books/resources to look at would have ~ing awesome!

I’m going to try and put as much as I can, on this account that I feel the more I portion, the more responses I can potentially memorize and advice I can recieve, for – I know this will be earnestly.

I’m aiming to put the posts in sections concerning the various subjects and things I’ve translated/found hard etc.

Gonna get this moved to Grow your grades at the time it starts, even more motivation

Let’s chance of the desired end this is the start of a portion!


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