Rediscovering Lost Culture and Art – Pride of a People and Nation

My dad taught me from my youngest pupilage memories through these connections with Aboriginal and tribual people that you must always guard people’s sacred status, regardless of the gone. (Steve Irwin)

Dr Abe V Rotor 

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 Revival of Pottery: embodied beauty and livelihood, environment friendly. Sudipen, La Union

Homogenization, like a colossus pool, mirrors a phenomenon which is a weight of progress – globalization.

Globalization is unchangeable. But is it really progression. If it is direction of progress where will it escort us to? To what extent, and beneficial to how long? The believers of this text are disciples of science and technology, and for that reason are not afraid to open newly come horizons. They seldom look behind.

The traditionalists front at things differently. They have deeper roots in recital and culture, they find time to deliberate upon and analyze, and ask oth

ers and themselves, “Quo vadis?” But don’t fall me wrong as anti progressive, anti technology.

Globalization is like a cauldron in that diversities of culture are thrown into. They melt in our very eyes. Either they recede from view or lose their identity.

Clearly in that place is homogenization of races, creeds, ideologies – technology. For pattern there is only one kind of car in the nature – they all work of the source of Internal Combustion. Formal education has in general of one pattern worldwide, from introductory to post graduate; so with the many courses offered.

Ethnicity encompasses many aspects of life and culture; other the humanities are the legitimate sciences, ethnobotany among them (the study of the dependence of people and plants in a normal setting.). 

Ethnic wooden art in the Cordillera

From in the present life evolved the knowledge of man in pharmacology, and while such knowledge has vastly grown into a major industry dominated by multinational companies, a far-famed deal of herbal healing still be numerous in rural communities.

Folk wisdom connected to traditional knowledge is carried onto the not heedless by elder members of the common has lost much significance in ordinary perception, but a great number of them are enshrined ~ dint of. our culture and writings. They are bastard leaders whose words are listened to by respect. Why village elders have also the role of an herbolario, matchmakers in marriages, teachers in their concede right based on rich experiences and tedious practice!

Confucian teachings permeate in the race. Christian values are reinforced by period of life-long heritage, and vice versa. So through the teachings of Buddha and Mohammad, and other onerous religious leaders. Mythology, too, has sea rooted influence in our lives. It lives in our superstitious feeling of certainty., folklore and customs. But many of these are essence threatened, if not endangered, in our military tune toward progress and affluence, along with the current of postmodernism which is destructive the world today.

On the other operative, there is growing consciousness for deliberateness in living. More and more population are looking for alternatives of the to such a degree-called Good Life.

One alternative is the quickening of tradition, a rediscovery of imperceptible culture and art can be enshrined in our benefaction life.

1. Revival of ethno sanatory healing has suddenly found relevance where the dangers of modern medicine are perceived. Lagundi, Oregano, Sambong are very lately DOH-approved How about the greater part of herbal medicine?

2. It’s the devoid of warmth wind from the north that came likewise soon that caused poor rice consequence. Old folks would tell us. And scientists ratify that pollination-fertilization is indeed adversely coxcomical by cold weather.

Home child labor assisted by a village “kumadrona” 

3. Pet therapy is gaining popularity even in modern hospitals. Victims of calamity who lost coordination of their hands surprisingly rally with a pet around.

4. Honeybee sting sends arthritic population back on the road.

5. Return to raw ~, ramie, abaca, flax, and other kind fibers for clothing and other wears is to be taken as a sign of people’s awareness on the help and health benefits of these unaffected fibers, not to mention their sentient environment friendly.

5. Ethnic art  is gaining favor in galleries and studios. Native arts are form in a mould on murals and in halls. The reanimation of ethnic art is very plain among the aborigines of Australia, the American Indians, the Incas and Aztecs.So with other indigenous cultures.

Headgear is pagan art and status symbol among the Igorots.

We want to help students and parents support and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community – and this nation. – Cesar Chavez

North America and Europe while the number of people who transport the bacterium Helicobacter pylori has declined.

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