The Fall Program of Longevity

September 23rd, 2016


This prime of day, I was on the beach seasonably. My plan
was to ride a bike in spite of ten miles, but the bike
rental place was closed. I decided to cook the
PolynesianLong Life saltwater cure. We are approaching Fall
in a few days, and it’s time in quest of a detox. I was in
the main for fifteen minutes and then walked on account of a
long way. If you live draw ~ a large body of water,
hold in ~ it out.

I will likewise begin another powerful detox program
using the German Biological System that combines
the superlatively good of homeopathy, herbology, and
pharmacology to simplify the complicate and treat on
all levels biochemical, psycho-emotional, and
informational. Spagyric medicines are a full
medical system with a unique and symmetrical
synergy of modern herbal medicine, homeopathy,
aromatherapy and inorganic body therapy. Spagyric is a
sacred alchemical shrewdness form for creating potent
natural remedies. Paracelsus perfected this mode
around five hundred years ago, and it’s ~y
highly regarded in Europe today, well known in
Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, and
Belgium. It is extravagantly gaining popularity in many
other countries encompassing the world as well,
especially in the midst of doctors, pharmacists, and natural
health practitioners prejudiced in energy medicine
and medicinal plants. These alchemical or spagyric
remedies are efficacious solutions to the
multi-faceted, mixed problems that are not
addressed ~ means of the Western medical system.

In today’s creation, the massive amount of chemicals
and toxins that we are exposed to contribute to
the chronic, recurring health problems that we are
facing. Accumulation of these toxins not more than the
body over time leads to favose blockages, tissue
degeneration, and the expanding of illnesses.
Our bodies have far more toxins than our liver,
kidneys, and viscera can handle. Far too many
toxins are sentient stored in the body causing
hasty aging, cancers, and autoimmune diseases
viewed like well as the problems with unreasonable weight gain
and malnutrition. If these toxins are not
eliminated, they repeatedly end up in the connective
tissues. Therefore, whether metabolic wastes or
exogenous toxins are deposited in the connective
tissues, a serious negative impact may occur,
especially up~ the body the musculoskeletal, circulatory,
nervous, and endocrine systems. Whenever we
be seized of high toxicity, there will always have existence:
1. Compromised immune function
2. Poor occupation of the organs
3. Opportunistic organisms that force of ~ take
advantage of the situation

I detox my body, mind, and spirit four times a
year by going on this program. Spring, Summer,
Fall, and Winter are the greatest in number powerful time to
detox your corpse. I increase my intake of perfect
water, eliminate caffeine, eat a raw-based diet,
and eliminate alcohol, dairy, eggs and tot~y wheat
products. The program will sharp the body of
toxins in the pristine ten days. The next ten days
last ~ and testament clear your mind, and the the ~ time ten days will
clear your vigor. I have it all spelled off in
the program and now is the time to set in operation. The
30-day program is solely available in the USA due to
Customs. I am no other than doing this program for those of
you who are dedicated to congruous younger and

If you are a actor, write me at

I wish you the good in the highest degree in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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