Biomedical science, Healthcare Science/Physiology/Physiological Sciences OR Nursing?

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Hi there, was looking for some advice from some fellow students.
I can’t decide in successi~ a university course, I know that others cannot decide on account of me, but I was hoping that based put ~ my interests and students doing some of the courses listed above whether you be possible to help me.
I am prejudiced in:
-Physiology (mainly the fortitude)
-Neuroscience and neurotransmitters
-Medications and drugs and pharmacology
Signs and symptoms of disorder
I’m not sure grant that I’d enjoy working in a lab testing things such as blood etc. And I’m actually not a fan of learning near different machines/technology.
I have power to’t pick between biomed, healthcare science(physiological sciences), physiology or nursing.
I feel that with nursing it is a combination of aggregate the things listed above but in like manner involved patient care which I reason I’d quite enjoy. But I am extremely science-y I love learning near different neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine etc and the role they esteem in the body as well considered in the state of drugs and the interactions they bear.
I have previously studied a year and a moiety in pharmacy and recently left. I really don’t know if this was a confound?!
Please give advice on what you think I may be chiefly suited to or if i’ve made a horrible mistake. THANK YOU



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Updated: October 20, 2016

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