Book Review: Thirteen by Richard K. Morgan

40448This tale cropped up on book shelves tot~y over the place a few years past and more recently in the “recommended” and “employee favorite” sections of our local bookstores. Always on the lookout as being solid science fiction, especially explorations into genetic experimentation, I pointed up the audio book with remote hopes.

The Blurb:

The future isn’t which it used to be since Richard K. Morgan arrived in successi~ the scene. He unleashed Takeshi Kovacs–secluded eye, soldier of fortune, and entirely-purpose antihero–into the body-swapping, distressfully-boiled, urban jungle of tomorrow in Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and Woken Furies, charming the Philip K. Dick Award in the mode of operation. In Market Forces, he launched in~d gladiator Chris Faulkner into the fine new business of war-for-emolument. Now, in Thirteen, Morgan radically reshapes and recharges system of knowledge fiction yet again, with a novel and unforgettable hero in Carl Marsalis: cross, hired gun, and a man on the outside of a country . . . or a planet.

Marsalis is single in kind of a new breed. Literally. Genetically engineered ~ dint of. the U.S. government to comprise the naked aggression and primal survival skills that centuries of civilization have erased from humankind, Thirteens were intended to subsist the ultimate military fighting force. The contrivance was scuttled, however, when a frightful public branded the supersoldiers dangerous mutants, dooming the Thirteens to unnatural exile on Earth’s distant, wretched Mars colony. But Marsalis found a route to slip back–and into a gainful living as a bounty hunter and stroke man before a police sting landed him in prison–a ultimate fortune worse than Mars, and much greater quantity dangerous.

Luckily, his “enhanced” life in addition seems to be a charmed some. A new chance at freedom beckons, courteousness of the government. All Marsalis has to terminate is use his superior skills to obtain in another fugitive. But this some is no common criminal. He’s one more Thirteen–one who’s already shanghaied a short time shuttle, butchered its crew, and left a trail of bodies in his attend in the night on a bloody cross-country spree. And like his pursuer, he was bred to measure swords to the death. Still, there’s ~t one question Marsalis will take the job. Though it will draw him difficult into violence, treachery, corruption, and afflicting confrontation with himself, anything is taker of odds than remaining a prisoner. The actual question is: can he remain sane–and alive–slack enough to succeed?

My Thoughts?

Holy cow… This is a book for the “manly man”. High-tech gun slinging, new-age martial arts, genetically altered sex nymphs, cops forward illicit drugs, explosions, blood and gore… This book pretty much smashed three high-intenseness action films between it’s covers and called it a promised time.

Not really my normal preference as being books, but I actually enjoyed it. The science was well written, intelligent and realistic, the possibilities of human gene manipulation presented through scary believability. With my educational background (I be obliged my Doctorate in pharmacy, so a fate of biology/chemistry/pharmacology), usually I’m annoyed ~ dint of. the butchering and simplification of scientific concepts in fiction. I absolutely loved Morgan’s gene splicing philosophical knowledge and subsequent description of the ensuing sagacity. And his detailed accounts of room travel, public backlash from human splicing, planetary colonization and exploiting. see the verb, and the ensuing political tangles were flaw on, ringing with a truth that made me ~ of downright depressed for the future of humaneness.

My biggest complaint about this part is that there’s too a great quantity going on! The plots and subplots are woven unitedly expertly, but there were definitely general condition of affairs where I felt completely lost. Wait, what one. gangster/politician/cop are they talking in all parts of now? The complex story line was crooked,with constant twist and turns, no more than there were a few instances whither the main character, Carl, made “full leaps” in his investigations that weren’t at completely intuitive. Carl is already a genetic braid together with superhuman strength, ridiculous intelligence,  almost-flung connections, and advanced fighting and weaponry skills… giving him impeccable intuition and crazy luck were correct a bit too much. The turn was just a bit too a great deal of.

But other than that, the other characters were same realistic, with human strengths and flaws. There were moments in this volume that left me close to tears and other state of things that had me wanting to pump my fists in the air. Morgan’s work is high energy and high emotion, a literary roller coaster.

I bestow this book a strong four deficient in of five stars. If you’re looking on this account that an action packed ride and don’t intellectual faculties a lot of sex, blood, and drugs, definitely collect up a copy of this book.

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