I don’t know whether I’m good enough for Oxbridge?

I understand medicine is a highly competitive round, not just at Oxbridge, but in every quarter. I’m predicted all A*s in opposition to my GCSEs (even though I be assured of I will not get all of them) and we’re starting to prefer our a-levels. I have categorical on biology, chemistry and geography. My system of knowledge teacher said that I’m same capable and that I should mind applying for medicine at Oxford or Cambridge. (I wanted to swindle pharmacology before, but he said to doings for medicine because pharmacology is involved in it. I don’t mind really, I’m due interested in anything medical and I wish been for my entire life. The in addition I think about it, the further I want to do medicine, in such a manner it’s not an issue.) Anyway, I rightful don’t think I’ll enjoy (?) applying. Like, I know my friends power of determination be excited to apply to altogether of their unis that they’re skilful of getting in, but I’m not aphorism it to knock myself. I ween that I could hit the minute requirements if I tried my hardest (A*AA at Oxford in favor of medicine), but I just don’t reason I’d fit in. I pass to a state school in a (fairly) vague area of west London, and frankly, I slip on’t think I stand a piece of luck. I don’t know anymore. My dad wants me to go too (obviously, lol) however I watched a few videos steady what it’s like and some person pointed out that their workload is a great number higher than their friends’ at other unis and I don’t know if I could manage that cause I get stressed easily. I verily think I’d be happier at someplace I design I would fit in better, like UCL (what one. will be my insurance choice whether or not I apply to Oxford), but my school-dame won’t take no for an answer and it’s stressing me thoroughly.

Btw, my teacher went to my denomination when he was younger and he went to Oxford, granting that that’s his motivation. I put on’t know. I would love to ~ on foot but I think it’s passage out of my league.

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