Monday’s Mtg: “Trans-Humanism” – Will/should science reinvent the human species?

If you’ve at no time heard of Monday’s Halloween-appropriate arrangement, missing our meeting to trick or enjoyment won’t spare you forever. Science and technology cannot now enhance human capabilities so radically that a single one of us could transcend humanity’s characteristic limits and become Trans-human.

But in the same proportion that the articles below describe, we’re getting there. Major advances are being made in elucidation areas, like genetic engineering, pharmacology, and wearable/implantable technologies during the body and brain. Debates over the bioethics of human enhancement technologies be in possession of been raging for years already. There has been at least one Presidential blue ribbon commission forward bioethics (GWB’s “Cloning Commission”), and some international Trans-humanist movement that has sprung up. The convene is coming from inside the public-~.

Panning Trans-humanists types as above the top-the-top techno-optimists is accommodating and fun. But, I think Aaron’s arrangement ideas is a great one. The moral, religious, and political implications of it are fascinating, IMO. I’ll be at the meeting. But Aaron exercise volition introduce the topic and preside and I manner forward to a very interesting controversy of our possible Gattaca-like, Brave New World.


The frontiers that ability lead us to “Trans-humanism:”

The information and ethics of human enhancement. Good intro, if it were not that 13pp.

Building a better you. Shorter, NYT.

Wiki’s Trans-humanism memorandum.

When will we know we are in a courier-human age? Recommended.

We are even now more enhanced by technology than we effectuate.

In support of Trans-humanism:

It would not consume belief in social and political identity in quantity.

Opposition is mainly scaremongering, says the libertarian Reason Magazine (other thing from same source).


We new wine resist our eugenic impulses.  Recommended.

We mouldiness stop well-short of radical enhancements to our class.

Related issue:  How much longevity is also long?

Next Week (Nov 7): Hillary Clinton and feminism’s successes, failures, and to come.

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