My Unique Pharm Study Method

My Unique Pharm Study Method

Hello Everyone,

This was intially written to someone who reached out to me via PM on by what mode to develop an effective way to learn pharmacology.

I esteem a study technique that helped me a portion!

Disclosure…..Always utilize mnemonics. Make up your possess and finds ways to make things infix best for you, bc some mnemonics aren’t like good because your brain makes single connections.

My own personal pharm study method was categorizing in a brain mapping format.

Example: Opioids

1. Draw a bounds in the middle of a composition of paper, not too big, not overmuch small. Label it the class Opioids.

2. You demise want to include inside this clique the general information common for totality opioids

Class of the Drug, What it have power to treat, MOA (mechanism of action) by what means it achieves it’s therapeutic effects, Common Side effects, Adverse Reactions, ADPIE (assessments [labs], diagnoses, planning, interventions, and evaluation) during the term of the drug, and patient teaching points.

Are there any assessment findings that would gain you hold the drug and not bestow it to the patient? Is there an intervention for side effects/injurious reactions or overdosing of this physic?

If you put the information in this disposition, your brain will make the dependence in that order to rationalize either thing (example, if you were to be seized of a patient who is prescribed a recently made known drug, in this case, an opioid like morphia, you would teach in this same order about the drug to the sick person…”you are scheduled to receive morphia now. it is an opioid for managing moderate to severe pain. to what extent it does so is by….but, there are some common side furniture such as….we will have to anticipate out for. if you expereince xyz symptoms, please promulgate your PCP immediately. I have to assess your respiratory price, alertness, BP and HR, as well in the same proportion that bowel sounds since all of these be possible to be diminished as a common edge effect of opioids. Can I make application for you what your pain level is not oblique now on a 0-10 flake, 10 being the worst pain you’ve qualified? I will come back in respecting 30 minutes or so to reassess your distress levels to ensure the medication is moving.”

Another tip is if the employment of the drug is X, therefore clearly some issues with it could exist that is works “too” well, and thence, causes problems. Example, if a enduring is taking a medication to set on diuresis (voiding) because they are heart treated for edema or HTN (hypertension), they could eventually be transformed into dehydrated and hypOtensive, hematocrit % altered, etc. So drugs are likewise a balancing act. You want things in the limits of homeostatis (normal limits). As a foster, you want to understand what could subsist forseen as an issue and dexterity it timely and appropriately..

Example, “you are scheduled to retain your furosemide now. It is your diuretic to hinder you void to lower your high birth volume and therefore, your blood crushing. We will want to be watchful however, because this drug can be of advantage your BP drop enough to origin fainting, especially when changing from laying to sitting or sitting to standing too speedily. As you change positions, you should observe so very slowly and take breathe for a moment. I highly solicit that if you need to master up for any reason to divine summons for assistance so in case you practise become faint, someone will help interrupt you from falling and causing wrong….” You would also want to adviser electrolyte labs [often lost in the urine and can become harmful], Vital Signs in the same state as BP and HR since changes in fluid volume alter each, lung sounds (during the term of signs of fluid buildup or to evaluate granting that pulmonary edema is being alleviated). This process helps you understand the “why” what one. is the rationale and the chiefly important part of nursing action.

Okay, I understand that seemed like overkill, but my way has helped me learned the drugs in the manner I would need to recall the cognizance on the floor, which is the sort of matters in the long haul.

Moving in successi~…

3. Draw lines outward for either major drug in that class your preceptor says you must know. Then attain a smaller circle. In each compass will be information with the especial opioids traits that make them different from what is inside the pure class circle of step 2. For pattern, though opioids are contraindicated in pregnancy instead of the most part due to their furniture on fetal respiration suppression, there is a mix with ~s of choice that alleviates pain and is every opioid, Meperidine. I called this the same my mommy narc[otic]. This track of learning is especially helpful on the supposition that you can recall pictures. You be possible to draw a pregnant stick figure nearest to the name or something to relief you remember it best. You resolution also notice some drugs have uniform roots, prefixes and/or suffixes, so as most beta blockers…olol or lol is usually the affix, and our teacher taught us to differentiate selective vs non-selective beta blockers to the degree that such…Selective are the SAME (S[concerning suffrage], atenelol, metoprolol, and esmolol) and non-selectives are LPNs (labetelol, propranolol, nebutolol).

4. Last inanimate object, practice, practice, practice as many NCLEX questions of the same nature to those drugs discussed in class. This will force you to nullify information once you’ve gone from one side the class and believe you could warrant it to a patient.

Hope This Helps!!!


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