Sow your gold….alchemy and gardening

Alchemical Garden

Depth psychologists dispose excited about alchemy. Alchemy as we know it tends to be about metal moving – we are familiar with medieval European alchemists who sought to vicissitude lead to gold. Twentieth century psychotherapist Carl Jung was especially fascinated by the work of these men and women, and he saw in their endeavours not just attempts at self-adornment, but a grand metaphor for psychological metamorphosis – the movement of the mind from the ‘lead’ of simplicity to the ‘gold’ of wholeness.

Traditionally art has not just drawn on metallurgy during its language, but also on the kindred transformational fields of perfumery, pharmacology, dyeing of woven fabric, and embalming the dead (alchemy has its roots in Egypt in what place the science of embalming has been in like manner extraordianrily practiced). James Hillman in his amazing book ‘Alchemical Psychology’ also mentions food preparation as being a source of alchemical similitude and language. He explores the…

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