Tetra Bio-Pharma Announces Awarding of NSERC Engage Grant Partnership to Grow Pros MMP and McGill University $TBP.ca


Announce that the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has awarded ~y NSERC Engage Grant partnership to MMP and Dr. Stan Kubow of McGill University

As concern of MMP’s mission to spot and offer new products to consumers, with the award of the NSERC Engage union grant, MMP will establish a first research collaboration with McGill University and plans to endue in this program both financially and by in-kind contributions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Oct. 19, 2016) – Grow Pros MMP Inc. (MMP), a assistant of Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. (“TetraBio” or the “Company” or “TBP“) (CSE:TBP) is pleased to blazon that the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has awarded an NSERC Engage Grant partnership to MMP and Dr. Stan Kubow of McGill University.

As dividend of MMP’s mission to give variety to and offer new products to consumers, with the award of the NSERC Engage society grant, MMP will establish a primeval research collaboration with McGill University and plans to invest in this program both financially and through in-kind contributions to pursue its investigation and development objectives and become a cosmos leader in the development and commercialization of Cannabis-based products.

“The company with McGill University is in stripe with MMP’s vision to stretch commercial operations and prepare to throw Cannabis sativa-derived supplement/retail or deaden with narcotics products for the North American market. This project will allow the development of intellectual property to protect that will be products that would be commercialized through TBP,” commented Ryan Brown.

“The proposed collaboration betwixt Dr S. Kubow, Associate Professor, McGill University, relates to MMP’s want to develop an extraction process and to open products using specific fractions of the scatter seed Cannabis sativa. Fractions with the highest dermal and parole absorption will subsequently be characterized to more distant understand the pharmacology of these extracts,” commented Dr. Randy Ringuette, Ph.D. Medical Researcher, MMP Inc.

Dr. Stan Kubow fixed, “We are excited by the collaboration by MMP that will allow us to turn to account systematic state-of-the-art investigation methodologies to identify bioactives from Cannabis sativa according to the development of science-based consumer products.”

According to Mr. A. Rancourt CEO of TBP, “We are to a high degree pleased by the decision of NSERC to bestow this partnership grant. This has implications with regard to both MMP and AgroTek.” He added, “This is in ancestry with TBP’s vision to tend MMP a leader in the progress to maturity of Cannabis sativa derived products concerning the consumer market and for the commercialization of genuine supplements derived from Cannabis sativa by AgroTek.”

About Dr. Stan Kubow

Dr. S. Kubow, Ph.D. is ~y Associate Professor at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill University. His inquiry interests include the impact of nutritional interventions in successi~ a variety of disease outcomes and metabolic disorders using technologically modified fare extracts and isolates with enhanced bioactivity including phytochemical extracts, whey and soy proteins and probiotics. These studies have been focused upon oxidative stress, inflammatory indices, lipoprotein, fatty acid and glucose metabolism as related to cell signaling pathways and illness pathogenesis.

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