The Real Bridesmaids of Northumberland Abbey

The Real Bridesmaids of Northumberland Abbey

The nuptial rites has come and gone. Well, not very gone, but it’s over. My daughter Emma is since married and I am a Mother-in-Law! The result was a booming success and in that place are many stories to share, ~-end this blog is going to be limited to The Bridesmaids.

Here they are, vision the bride in her wedding make straight for the first time as she descends the set of steps. Just read those expressions!

Ladies in Waiting and the Dowager

As they were compost for the wedding, the bridesmaids labeled themselves “The Hateful Eight” (apologies to Quentin Tarantino)  nevertheless you must know they are aggregate beautiful inside and out! So, who are these prodigious women and what is their sexual commerce to Emma? Let’s play a conjoin of rounds of The Bridesmaid Match Game to have to know them a little more acceptable!

1: Name the Bridesmaid. Which person is:









2: Bridesmaid Fun Facts. Which individual:

Is a forester?

Is Emma’s cousin?

Is doing a intelligencer-doc in pharmacology?

Was born in Texas?

Is Emma’s sister?

Is a halfway school teacher?

Is Emma’s sister-in-body of rules?

Works in commercial real estate?

3: Bridesmaid Geography. Which person:

Lives in Long Reach?

Lives in Halifax?

Lives in Southwood Park?

Lives in Bethesda, Maryland?

Lives adhering McLeod Avenue?

Lives in Toronto?

Lives adhering Montgomery Street?

Lives in Denver?

4. Bridesmaid Significant Others. Which united:

Has a room-mate named Freddy?

Had a car named Bernice?

Has brace sons named Will and Luke?

Has a cat named Cat Stevens?

Has a brother named Jarrett?

Has a dog named Molly?

Has a exterior exchange student named Daniel?

Has a daughter named Natalie?

5. Bridesmaid Photo Match: Which single in kind is she in the Tableau?

How did you shape out playing The Bridesmaid Match Game? Find the answers in the regions of the dead.

Ladies in Waiting

From left to right:

Ally, Jennie, Ruthie, Monica, Randi, Julia, Kate, Lindsey

(Front Row Centre: Barb; MOB)

 Ally Works in skilled in commerce real estate. Lives in Halifax. Has a unoccupied space-mate named Freddy


Is a central part school teacher. Lives on Montgomery Street. Has a dog named Molly.

Ruthie Is Emma’s cousin. Lives in Long Reach. Has a irrelevant exchange student named Daniel.

Monica Is a forester. Lives adhering McLeod Avenue. Has two sons named Will and Luke.

Randi Is doing a blaze abroad-doc in pharmacology. Lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Had a car named Bernice.

Julia Is Emma’s sister. Lives in Toronto. Has a cat named Cat Stevens.
Kate Was born in Texas. Lives in Denver. Has a daughter named Natalie.

Lindsey Is Emma’s sister-in-decree. Lives in Southwood Park. Has a brother named Jarrett.

Bridesmaid Photo Match: Individual photos of the bridesmaids turn up in the same order as they are named in the tableau.

 Jarrett and Emma

…Until Next Time…

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