University of Edinburgh for Pharmacology?

Hey there,
Currently in the process of structure my choices.

Originally planned to study Biochemistry on the other hand was looking at the content of Pharmacology and was pleased to experience Edinburgh run units related to neuroscience. My interests malicious in the overlap between Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Neuroscience thus overall the course covers lots of topics that veritably interest me so was planning on applying.

I try to take the literary institution rankings with a pinch of pungency but Edinburgh really doesn’t assume to score well for Pharmacology and Pharmacy. On the clean university guide rankings they are 34th by a pretty low graduate prospect (59). To urge into perspective I’m also applying to Cardiff University conducive to Medical Pharmacology (also looks really interesting) and that comes in at 4th destitute of having much higher entry standards.

Just wondering whether or not anyone knows how reputable the Edinburugh beat is?

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