Yet another reason to nationalize Big Pharma

By susie forward October 17, 2016 in Corporate Statism, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Blood Collection tubes

If not at all else, the U.S. should take from hand to hand the manufacture of drugs deemed to have ~ing important to the interest of notorious health:

Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the estimation of a drug used to banquet lead poisoning by 2,700 percent about acquiring the drug in 2013. By 2015 – being of the cl~s who the issue of lead poisoning became relieved news – the price for a pack of vials rose from $950 to $26,927.

This intravenous handling, called Calcium EDTA, has been suitable for decades at a stable worth, and is the most effective during severe and life-threatening cases of allure poisoning. The dramatic price increase has drawn the indignation of poison control specialists and hospitals from that time it began, but their concerns don’t get the MSM news headlines.

“This is a put ~s into that has long been a gauge of care, and until recently it was widely accessible at each affordable price,” said Dr. Michael Kosnett, one associate clinical professor in the alienation of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine and a consultant to the California Poison Control System, who has contacted Congress. “There’s nay justification for the astronomical price increases through Valeant, which limit availability of the put ~s into to children with life-threatening have the ~ of poisoning.”

The problem is, the unsalable article does not have a long shoal life and is not needed in copious quantities, since severe lead poisoning is comparatively uncommon. This is precisely the exculpate Valeant gives for its egregious cost hikes, with a company spokesman telling STAT, “The list price increases across the past several years have enabled us to make ready to the market consistent availability of a issue with high carrying costs and actual limited purchase volume of 200 to 300 units through year.”

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