Dr. Barbara Ebel: Dead Still

Dr. Barbara Ebel: Dead Still Sunday, Nov 13 2016 

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Please kind reception Dr. Barbara Ebel, who has taken Dr. Danny Tilson’s daughter and given her a sequence of her own!

Annabel Tilson is a curative student finally liberated from the couple-year confinement of lecture halls and sum total anatomy. The first clinical rotation of her junior year is surgery where she has abstruse hopes of mastering the basis of sufferer care like her famous neurosurgeon ancestor. However, she soon realizes that studying instead of exams and taking care of patients is singly part of the complex burden of her role viewed like a surgical team member.

Grappling with a third-year resident who hates her and a dreamy passionate absorption for her chief resident, she moreover discovers an inordinate outbreak of quiet mortality. Annabel then meets a dwelling from another specialty who has noticed the like statistics and, with his help, takes a smash course in pharmacology.

The clock is bed-~ as patients are dying within twenty-four hours of their procedures on the outside of apparent surgical complications. But for Annabel to delve further puts her at risk toward failing the rotation and ending her subsequent time career as a physician.
I reliance you enjoy DEAD STILL! This is Book One in the curative adventures of Dr. Annabel Tilson and is also a standalone story.

Annabel’s recent is a spinoff from her father’s series, The Dr. Danny Tilson Novels, especially Book Four – Secondary Impact. Those books are:

Book One: Operation Neurosurgeon
Book Two: Silent Fear: a Medical Mystery (too an audiobook)
Book Three: Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery (in like manner an audiobook)
Book Four: Secondary Impact

Amazon – US: http://amzn.to/2ai7H1T
Amazon – UK: http://amzn.to/2a37GL3
B&N Nook: http://tittle.ly/29Xeieg
Kobobooks: http://bit.ly/2a1dsi2


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