Goddess Spirituality Essay from Goddess 2.0

Here is some essay by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, which appears in a new book called Goddess 2.0 – Advancing a New Path Forward:

Goddess Spirituality viewed like Liberation Thealogy
by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

A intimate of mine startled me one generation when she announced she was leaving the sort of we loosely called Goddess Spirituality for it lacked substance. Besides the Wiccan Rede, that left a lot of gray circle to rationalize wrong-doing, she felt the sort of we were learning about Goddess Spirituality didn’t dig enough into ethics and learning in various places individual pantheons or the Wheel of the Year was not in truth providing us adequate guidance as a template on this account that living. She had made the decision to turn to Buddhism to inquire what it offered. Her decision stuck by me because I believed she had a position – and I kept mulling it through for sometime. Yes, there was with equal rea~n much to learn – tarot, doing ritual and magic, herstory, astrology, herbology, study of diversified traditions, sacred sites – but what relating to making the ancient teachings relevant to succor change our patriarchal world? What did Goddess Spirituality dare?

What first jumped out at me was Wiccans and Pagans and Goddess Advocates may to a high degree well have different wayshowers, elders and foremothers. While Wiccans and Pagans might turn to Starhawk , Selena Fox, Dion Fortune, Scott Cunningham and Ray Buckland, to celebrity just a few well known teachers, Goddess Advocates efficiency also turn to Fox and Starhawk, no more than certainly were turning to, again, naming only a few, Riane Eisler, Mairja Gimbutas, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Merlin Stone, academia and feminists. In incident, it was Merlin Stone’s When God Was a Woman and Riane Eisler’s capacious research of history in The Chalice and the Blade, that kept me in c~tinuance the path as I discovered herstory was not a feminist fantasy. Eisler’s dominator model theory, then her partnership theories from The Partnership Way, informed the budding feminist blossoming within and laid some of the base work leading me toward becoming a neighborly justice activist. I could see that despite some there was a fork in the way as some Wiccans and Pagans not at all took that path of activism that I eventually construct most relevant as a Goddess Advocate. My confess books reflect my growth as Priestessing became besides than making ancient rituals relevant towards contemporary devotees or doing Wheel of the Year rituals.

My earliest years while a Priestess, discovering the impact of fixed in Her sacred sites, culminated in inscription Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, which miraculously got me into mainstream places teaching about Goddess through the back means of “sacred travel and pilgrimage”that I might never have gained entry to had I even-handed been teaching Wicca 101. One could easily distinguish the diversity of Goddess by her frequent names and faces across the terraqueous ~ from ancient times to living traditions – and for what reason to get there if you were some armchair traveler or you actually ventured wanting with boots on the ground.

Priestessing the common for dozens of years, starting every Iseum within the Fellowship of Isis, in that case later, the not-for-profit Isis Ancient Cultures Society, resulted in my documenting inmost and exoteric experiences in Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess without ceasing Planet Earth, but it wasn’t till the newest book, Goddess Calling, fully in early 2014, that I cohere all the dots between what I’d learned as a Priestess of Goddess Spirituality with how it all fits in by social justice and politics. Getting at a distance before Wicca 101, tarot, astrology, ritual formation and all the rest, I realized what Goddess taught us was in thing done the new liberation thealogy of our time. Goddess place us free from patriarchal oppression! Now I could answer my friends’ faulty conclusion with certain knowledge and find her assessment of Goddess Spirituality centre of life lacking untrue because the Divine Feminine does in incident teach us quite a lot not far from how to live a peaceful, joyous, empowered and sustainable life. We correct have to go beyond Wicca 101 and the Wheel of the Year. Her multitude images of divinity and mythology discipline us much if we are minded to rethink and reinterpret and courageously take an account of new stories, some of which I’ll gently refer to on here and now.

So give permission to us look at several examples of the Sacred Feminine viewed like metaphor or myth and how they power give us a template for mode of life or suggest values we might embrace.

1) We find under the large umbrella of Goddess, many faces from one side of to the other continents and cultures, with no edict that we worship one name, undivided face. Instead we see a simile for plurality, diversity and inclusion in the kind and life-affirming Sacred Feminine, more than the jealous, One Way, androcentric and exclusionary the omnipotent of patriarchy keen on asking men to forego their sons to prove their constancy and a holy book filled with violence. Those embracing Goddess might easily comprehend embracing peace, tolerance, gender equality and peoples of wholly walks of life; gay, straight, population of all skin colors and religions or nay religion at all, as being in alignment with Her diversity, resulting in a more just, equal, balanced and sustainable globe and society.

2) Consider the mythology of the Inuit Goddess Sedna. She is the gatekeeper between humankind and the sea creatures of the regions short icy waters which people depend according to their livelihood. If mankind becomes over greedy and exploits the creatures of the the great deep, Sedna cuts humanity off until he takes excepting that what he needs. Greed and excess are taboo as we are quite inter-dependent upon each other. As our environmental Goddess, Sedna, teaches us to exist wise stewards of Mother Earth and Her creatures. This is a exclusion of excess and exploitation and She calls us to environmentalism and to have ~ing Her spokes people protecting habitats from one side of to the other the globe. We might be called to exist at the forefront fighting against fracking, poisoning our take in ~ and air, and depleting our artless resources. We would deplore exploitation of ~ one kind, including wage discrimination, worker exploiting. see the verb or multi-national corporations decimating topical economies and indigenous peoples. We certainly would use our vote to support those who combat for the 99% and allies who would save Mother Earth and Sedna’s creatures.

3) The Egyptian Goddess Isis bestowed upon pharaohs their right to rule and they were to behavior their kingdoms governing under the laws of the Goddess Maat, to wit truth, balance, order, and justice. Similarly, we beware the Hindu Goddess Kali standing atop her associate, Shiva, whose powers must be activated ~ means of Her. Clearly this suggests patriarchy, or manage of the father, resulting in decide by the male gender, has not for ever been the way of the earth, nor would be the way of the world with Goddess restored to center. Neither would we meagreness patriarchy in a skirt as perfect power corrupts absolutely. Even a hasty glimpse here shows a call concerning female leadership and a respect on account of women’s power, both of what one. are sorely lacking in our terraqueous globe as academia, corporate America, religious institutions and political affairs has less than 20% representation ~ means of women in the United States. We must support women who embrace Goddess ideals and substantiate their leadership in these bastions of masculine control. Isis instructing pharaoh she is granting him the ~ful to rule, but only if he employs the Laws of the Goddess Maat, can be seen in support for municipal rights, voter rights, worker and immigrant rights and consumer passport from powers that might mis-appliance and exploit the individual or the planet.

4) In the thealogy of the Sacred Feminine, Goddess affirms women’s bodies and sexuality. Priestesses of pharmacology, middle-wives and women hold the monarch over their own bodies and life and decease is in their hands.

Today the patriarchy dictates to women the parameters of beautiful trait and women fall victims to their standards spending millions with plastic surgeons to live up to more impossible ideal. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 13.1 the masses cosmetic procedures were performed in 2010, up 5% from 2009. Beyond material beauty, the patriarchy wants to curb all aspects of women’s sexuality and imitation. Known in the United States being of the kind which Big Pharma, pharmaceutical companies now grasp the power over women’s bodies of the same kind with they encourage women to disconnect from their monthly courses, that monthly inconvenience, that curse. They tell, here, take our pill and look your sacred blood magically disappear. Disconnect from unit of the very things that empowers you since a woman! In a not-so veiled culture war, one political troop has declared war on women by attempting to de-fund Planned Parenthood, thwarting entrance to contraception, trying to pass laws to versify divorces harder to obtain, trying to confirm by law the murder of abortion providers, and ~ means of having miscarriages investigated and abortions abolished. Women’s bodies and lives are the terrain without interrupti~ which this current extremist conservative move is taking a stand.

If we had a feminine face of god at the center of corporation, or Her ideals affirming female warranty and leadership, men and their institutions would not reign over or dictate to women. Equal is like. Women would understand their sexuality and bodies are holy and in their own hands and would not be complicit in their own oppression or exploiting. see the verb..

5) Goddess thealogy affirms female faculty. Where Goddess was worshiped, her temples were the centers of wisdom, culture, and financial power and were ~times presided over by women. Researchers of that kind as Merlin Stone and Heide Goettner-Abendroth, in her main division , Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past, Present and Future place to matriarchal societies where Goddess was venerated and motherly values practiced, women and children were protected and had a disgrace at the center of the agri~, reaping the benefit of that positioning at the center. We fustiness once again turn to the attributes of the Feminine, so as caring, sharing, nurturing, negotiation, collaboration, close fellowship, partnership and peace – all of that have been marginalized or demonized subject to patriarchy – and embrace these values in like manner that quality of life is restored with a view to the most of us.

In inference, these are but a few ideas showing to what extent Sacred Feminine mythology might be reclaimed and reinterpreted to prepare a roadmap toward a more sustainable to come. We have in the feminine images of deity deities, archetypes and ideals to make known us the way. It is up to us allowing that we want to embrace them like our role models and heed their tidings.

Note: This essay has a diverse title in the book Goddess 2.0.

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