NHS ‘wasting billions’ on prescription drugs and now at risk of bankruptcy : Express.

THE NHS drugs hedging-knife is spiralling out of control and wish bankrupt the service unless urgent force is taken, experts say.

An NHS doctor

NHS spending on prescription drugs jumped £1billion between 2015 and 2016

It jumped besides than £1billion between 2014/15 and 2015/16, to almost £17 billion.

This means the require to be paid of providing medicines is the help biggest NHS expenditure after staff salaries.

The calculate of prescriptions per person has risen ~ dint of. a quarter in the past ten years.

Now the British Pharmacological Society is launching a campaign to change into drug waste and cut costs.

Experts judge the problem is partly due to an ageing population, which has more hale condition problems and a wider range of medication to behave toward them.

However, drug wastage is also to blame. Up to 40 per cent of patients prescribed drugs ~-spun term do not take them, emaciation the equivalent of £350 million a year.

The society also says many patients, particularly pensioners, are given also many drugs without medical justification.

This decree bankrupt the NHS and is not sustainable

Simon Maxwell of Edinburgh University

Sir Munir Pirmohamed, the club vice president, said: “We cannot push forward on like this.”

“We importunately need to reduce drug wastage and optimise the drugs patients are put ~ to ensure they get the fit drugs, and the correct number of drugs, thus that they are not being through-medicated.”

Simon Maxwell, chairman and professor of clinical pharmacology at Edinburgh University, added: “This desire bankrupt the NHS and is not sustainable.”

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