Succinylcholine aka Suxamethonium

 ⚗️Two molecules of acetyl choline joined in concert by the acetyl group forms Succinylcholine 

⚗️ It can be presented as chloride, bromide or iodide humor

⚗️ When presented as the chloride relish, it’s a solution with collection upon a single point 50 mg/ mL

⚗️ When presented at the same time that bromide or iodide salts, they are powders, with more stability, shell life and suited toward warm climates; but has to subsist reconstituted before use

⚗️ pH of the separation is around 4

⚗️ So they are destroyed by mixing it with alkaline solutions (e.g. Thiopentone )

Reference: Kestin I. Suxamethonium. Update in Anaesthesia 1992; 1: p~ of logical quantity 7.  Peck T, Hill S, Williams M. Pharmacology notwithstanding Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, 3rd edn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008; pp. 179–84 .

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