Trying to Transfer from WCU to Out of State; Need Help!

0 I put on’t know how many are fraternal with West Coast University, but I’m doing their BSN at their Ontario campus. I accomplished general education/prereqs a little under which circumstances ago, and just finished my ~ and foremost term of nursing core- Fundamentals & Intro to Professional Nursing. I am pure rolling into the first week of my mete that consists of Pharmacology & Intro Med/Surg.

I am supposed to subsist graduating in June, 2018 from this academy.

Honestly, I love the school. I’ve had wonderful experiences there. Unfortunately, it looks like my husband and I are going to be under the necessity to relocate to Washington (Vancouver territory) very soon. & I am extremely unquiet about trying to transfer to any other university- especially with all the terror stories you always hear.
I fair-minded really, really do not want to be seized of to retake any general ed classes…

Has anyone prosperously transferred from WCU to another literary institution?
Can anyone share the light forward me about the transfer process in not particular?
How do I start? What can I do?

Anything would be a service, thank you.

Oh, & yes, WCU is regionally accredited through WASC. The program is also accredited through the CCNE, BRN, yadda yadda.

– Nikki

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